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Periodical: Lux (Rome)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Bollettino dell' Accademia Internazionale per gli Studi Spiritici e Magnetici / Bollettino dell' Accademia Internazionale per gli Studi Psicologici.
1888–1896 Monthly
Rome, Italy. Language: Italian. Editor: Giovanni Hoffman . Succeeded by: Nova Lux
1/1, January 1888-December 1896. 15 francs a year.

In July 1892, the subtitle changed significantly to Bollettino dell' Accademia Internazionale per gli Studi Psicologici, to reflect the increasing change of emphasis from spiritualism to parapsychology. The journal is listed as adhering to the 1892 Spanish-American spiritualist congress convened by Fraternidad Universal in Madrid to honor the discovery of America. Noted in the exchanges of L'Initiation, April 1889. The same journal in February 1892 notes that the editor, Giovanni Hoffman, was a member of the Ordre Martiniste. The journal contained articles by A. Pioda, the founder of "Fraternitas" (noted in the exchanges of El Sol, 1891) and a notable article in 1891 on examinations of Eusapia Palladino by Cesare Lombroso. The journal was succeeded in 1897 by Nova Lux, which was more Theosophical in its approach. LOC microfilm.

Issues:Lux V6 1893
Lux V8 1895

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