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Periodical: La Lumiere Pour Tous

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Lumiere pour Tous, La.
Journal de l'enseignement des esprits. Philosophie, Morale, Religion.
Charite, Fraternite, Verite
1864--1865 Semi-monthly
Bordeaux, France. Editor: A. Lefraise.
1/1, April 7, 1864-1/24, March 15, 1865. 4 pp., 2 francs in Bordeaux, 3 in the rest of France.

This is an unusual journal. It was Spiritist, as it could hardly help being, but was also Christian and professed strong admiration for the principles of Freemasonry, and believed there was good evidence from the spirits that Spiritism needed to be corrected. It began to be published at the same time as the three journals then being published in Bordeaux (Ruche Spirite Bordelaise, Voix d'Outre-Tombe, and Sauveur des Peoples -- the last of which Lefraise edited and published) were being consolidated into the Union Spirite Bordelaise/La Union Spirite ou les Mysteres d'Outre-tombe Devoiles. On the merger, see the notes under those journals. Lefraise, a lawyer and former notary, was an ardent Freemason (he signed articles in the journal with R.C. trois puncts) and wrote articles on "Spiritism and Freemasonry" and on "Spiritism from a Religious Point of View." Most of the issues contained a serialized article by Emilie Collignon (emilie Aimee Charlotte Breard Collignon, 1820-1902) on "Familiar Discussions on Spiritism," later published as a book. She was Belgian and had been the writing medium for J.-B. Roustaing (1805-1879) in producing the spirits' enormous commentary on the four Gospels (which had the temerity of disagreeing with Allan Kardec on many points). The journal also contained "Spirit Communications" from "Medium Breard" who is probably Collignon (Breard is her maiden name), and gave communications from Spirit Francis Xavier and Benjamin Franklin, among others. On closing the journal after a year, Lefraise explained that the journal had been begun to explain to "developper la dictrine du Spiritisme," and was no longer necessary to complement his Sauveur des Peuples. BNF

Issues:Lumiere Pour Tous N1 Apr 7 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N2 Apr 21 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N3 May 5 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N4 May 19 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N5 Jun 2 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N6 Jun 16 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N7 Jun 30 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N8 Jul 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N9 Aug 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N10 Aug 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N11 Sep 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N12 Sep 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N13 Nov 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N14 Oct 14 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N15 Nov 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N16 Nov 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N17 Dec 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N18 Dec 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N19 Jan 1 1865
Lumiere Pour Tous N20 Dec 15 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N21 Feb 1 1864
Lumiere Pour Tous N22 Feb 15 1865
Lumiere Pour Tous N23 Mar 1 1865
Lumiere Pour Tous N24 Mar 15 1865

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