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Periodical: La Lumiere Maconnique

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Lumiere Maconnique, La.
Revue Mensuelle de la Maconnerie Universelle.
1910—1914 Monthly (10 issues a year)
Paris, France. Language: French.
1/1, January 1910-1914. 24 pp., 6 francs in France, 9 francs outside.

This was strictly speaking a Masonic journal but it is included here because its editor was Joseph Paul Oswald Wirth (1860-1943), a notable occultist of the period and the principal proponent of Masonry as a valid, traditional "path" to initiation. He was the head of the G.M.E.I., the Groupe Maconnique d'Etudes Initiatiques. He had begun his occult career as the secretary of Stanislas de Guaita, whose Serpent de Genese he completed, and with whom he infiltrated and exposed the satanic rituals of Abbe Joseph-Antoine Boullan -- leading to the famous occult duel between J.-K. Huysmans and Jules Bois. He crafted the Tarot Kabbalistique et Astrologique of the 22 major arcana, and wrote for and collaborated in many of the leading occult journals of period like L'Initiation, Union Occulte Francaise, l'Echo de l'au-dela et d'ici-bas, L'Acacia, and Le Symbolisme. The journal contains a Masonic necrology and chronology and articles by Wirth, Leo Marnes and others on initiation, "Les Arcanes du Tarot," BNF.

Issues:Lumiere Maconnique V1 N1 Jan 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N2 Feb 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N3 Mar 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N4 Apr 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N5 May 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N6 Jun 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N7-8 Jul-aug 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V1 N10 Oct 1910
Lumiere Maconnique V2 N18-19 Jun-jul 1911
Lumiere Maconnique V2 N20-21 Aug-sep 1911
Lumiere Maconnique V2 N22 Oct 1911
Lumiere Maconnique V2 N23 Nov 1911
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N23 Mar 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N26 Feb 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N28 Apr 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N29 May 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N30 Jun 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N31 Jul-aug 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V3 N32-33 Sep-oct 1912
Lumiere Maconnique V4 N38-39 Mar-apr-1913
Lumiere Maconnique V4 Nx 1914

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