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Periodical: Lumen

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Lumen, El.
Periodico Seminal Ilustrado Dedicado a las Clases Populares / Espiritismo, Magnetismo, Hipnotismo, Ciencias Ocultas / Revista Cientifico-Filosofica de Estudios Psicologicos.
1893--1926 Weekly, then monthly
Barcelona (Tarrasa), Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Quintin Lopez Gomez; Eduardo Poiriez; Luis A. Navarrete y Lopez. Succeeded by: Revista de estudios psicologicos (merged into, 1894, and then reappeared as an independent journal about 1898)
1/1, 1893-1926. 36 pp., 9-15 pesetas.

This was a fragment of the Centro Barcelones which broke up in 1893. It was merged into the Revista de Estudios Psicologicos in 1894, and then re-emerged as an independent journal about 1898 with a decidedly "progressive" slant. There seems to have been an annual publication of the same name which may be an offshoot of this journal. This was esteemed one of the best spiritualist journals in Spanish. It presented brief summaries of events and publications concerning spiritualism in Spain, France, and around the world, together with obituaries, book reviews, and articles: "¿Que es el porvenir?," "Los grandes enigmas del Cosmos," "En busca de los ángeles," "La reencarnacion," "Sorprendente experiencia espiritista en presencia de peritos en ciencias ocultas" (Mrs. Josie K. Stewart of Cleveland), "El ridiculo en el Espiritismo" ("Why deny it? There has grown up in spiritualism an element which can not be spoken of without laughing . . . ."). The editor, Quintin Lopez (1864-1936) had decidedly occult and New Thought tendencies. In 1898 he wrote Magia Teurgia and Vuestras Fuerzas. Contributions by Le Clement de Saint-Marcq and by Mario Roso de Luna, on whom see the note under Hesperia. See Mario Mendez Bejarano, Historia de Filosofia en Espana hasta el Siglo XX (1927), section xiv El Espiritism, online at Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola.

Issues:Lumen V23 Dec 1923
Lumen V31 Feb 1926
Lumen V31 Mar 1926
Lumen V31 Apr 1926

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