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Periodical: Luce e Ombrax

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Luce e Ombra.
Rivista Mensile Illustrata di Scienze Spiritualiste / Rivista Bimestrale di Studi Metapsichichi e di Problemi dell’Anima e del Pensiero
1900 Monthly, then quarterly
Rome, then Milan, Italy. Language: Italian. Publisher: Fratelli Bocca; Fondazione Biblioteca Bozzano. Editor: Prof. Angelo Marzorati, Gastone de Boni, Antonio Bruers. Succeeded by: La Ricerca Psichica (name change, 1932-1934)
1/1, December 1900 -- present (?) 48-56 pp., L. 2,50 in Italy, 3.00 abroad.

The journal began in 1894 with a short-lived (6 issues) literary weekly issued by Marzorati (1862 -1931), a poet and antiquarian. The name of the journal was changed in 1932 to Ricerca Psichica and then changed back to the original in 1934, under which name it continued until it was suppressed in 1939. It was begun again at Christmas 1946. A journal of the original name was published in Verona and Bologna in 1940 which may related to this journal. This was the organ of the Societa di Studi Psichici of Milan, whose fellows were a who's who of (primarily) Italian parapsychologists. It had contributions by Cesare Lombroso, A. de Rochas, V. Cavalli, A. Morelli, F. Zingaropoli, F. Ametta, E. Bozzano, et al. Crabtree 1491. LOC; Civica Biblioteca e Archivi storici Angelo Mai; Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna; Biblioteca centrale Berio; Biblioteca Comunal; Biblioteca. Università Cattolica del S. Cuore; Biblioteca Nazionale V. Emanuele III; Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina; Biblioteca delle Facoltà Umanistiche dell'Università degli Studi di Sassari; Stanford University.

Issues:Luce E Ombra V2 1902
Luce E Ombra V3 1903
Luce E Ombra V7 1907
Luce E Ombra V8 1908
Luce E Ombra V9 1909
Luce E Ombra V10 1910
Luce E Ombra V11 1911
Luce E Ombra V12 1912
Luce E Ombra V13 1913
Luce E Ombra V15 1915
Luce E Ombra V16 1916
Luce E Ombra V17 1917
Luce E Ombra V18 1918
Luce E Ombra V19 1919
Luce E Ombra V20 1920
Luce E Ombra V21 1921
Luce E Ombra V22 1922
Luce E Ombra V23 1923
Luce E Ombra V24 1924
Luce E Ombra V25 1925
Luce E Ombra V26 1926
Luce E Ombra V27 1927
Luce E Ombra V28 1928
Luce E Ombra V29 1929

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