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Periodical: Little Bouquet

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Little Bouquet, The.
A Monthly Magazine Containing Beautiful Illustrations, Elucidation of the Truths of Spritualism, Sketches of Angelic Ministration, Spirit Communications, the Relation of the Summer-Land to the Earth, the Utility of Giving the Young Correct Ideas of their Connection with God and Each Other, Moral Instruction, Gems of Thought, Choice Poetry, Etc.
1866--1876? Monthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Religio-Philosophical Publishing Association. Editor: Mrs. Hannah F. M. Brown; S.S. Jones. Succeeded by: Lyceum Banner-->The Little Bouquet
1/1, May 1866-August 1867; May 1873-1876(?) 36 pp., $1.00 a year.

This was a magazine intended for children involved in A.J. Davis's Children's Progressive Lyceum. It was succeeded by The Lyceum Banner which, in 1873, again became The Little Bouquet. The journal was intended for children, though its high-toned proclamations, persistent exhortations, and saccharine content ("Little Emma Abbott and Her Wonderful Experiences -- A Narrative that Should Be Read and Re-Read," etc.) probably ensured that it was read by neither parents or children.

"The aim of the Proprietor is, to present to the child and youth food for thought which shall inspire a desire for knowledge in regard to his own being, his origin, his true mission in this life; his duty and his destiny and yet to be free from all dogmatic creeds, or binding finalities. As all nature proclaims the upward and onward march of mind the continued unfoldment of thought, and the progressive development of all things be it human, brute, or inorganic matter, from lower to higher planes of being; so we intend and expect to be able from month to month to give our readers something superior to that which has preceded."

On Brown, see the note under the Agitator. She was the sister of Mrs. Lou Kimball who published the Lyceum Banner. University of Illinois, Chicago.; American Antiquarian Society.

Issues:Little Bouquet V4 N3 Jul 1876

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