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Periodical: The Life [Kansas City]

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Life, The.
A New Weekly Department Paper / A Monthly Magazine of Christian Metaphysics / A Monthly Journal of Applied Metaphysics.
Alive, and Free, and True to Truth
1894-1908 Weekly, then monthly in 1902 with n.s.
Kansas City, MO. Publisher: A.P. Barton. Editor: Ralph W.E. Barton, and C. Josephine Barton, associate editor; then A.P. Barton, editor and publisher.
1/1, April 1894-1908. $1.00 a year. Originally 8 pp; 48 pp. from 1901. Illustrated with halftone plates.

Advertised in The Temple, December, 1897, which also notes, January 1898, an article by C.H.A. Bjerregaard. The children's companion to this by the same couple was The Child Life. Beginning date extrapolated from volume 4, which began in November 1897. A new series was begun in January 1902 as a monthly. The journal in its early advertisements in Harmony in 1896 said that it was "devoted to the unfoldment of life and power essential in man's divine nature, through the inculcation and practice of the principles of Christian Metaphysics. A department devoted to Mental Healing," all with the editor's "scientific and esoteric interpretations" of the International Bible Lessons. It carried advertisements for the books of Freeman B. Dowd published by the Eulian Publishing Company, and for P. Braun's New Man, the Bartons' own pamphlets and, occasionally, for other New Thought practitioners. The Bartons sold a series of New Thought lessons: two weeks in their home, $35.00 for room, board and lessons, and $50.00, plus room and board, for the Normal Course that would prepare the student to teach others. Julius Dresser, The True History of Mental Science (New York, Alliance Publishing Co., c. 1899), says this, along with Thought/Unity were among the most widely read of early New Thought periodicals. The advertisement in the Free Man, August 1899, says that it was "Devoted to the unfoldment of life and power in man's divine nature. A department devoted to Mental Healing, International Bible Lessons and Renderings from the Original Languages by the editor." Rowell's American Newspaper Directory for 1900 says the journal had a circulation of about 1,000. NYPL.

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