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Periodical: Leaves of Healing

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Leaves of Healing.
A Weekly Paper for the Extension of the Kingdom of God.
He sendeth His word and healeth them / And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations
1894--1996? Weekly, then monthly
Chicago, IL. Language: English with occasional forays into Norwegian, Polish, etc.. Publisher: Zion Publishing House. Editor: John Alexander Dowie; Wilbur Glenn Voliva.
1/1, August 31, 1894-v. 49, 1922, but continued in some fashion at least until vol. 133, 1996.

There was an antecedent journal of the same name put out by Dowie, but it has not survived. This journal is labeled "n.s." 16 pp., $1.00 a year. Regular plates of Dowie and his family, small children displaying the crutches they used to need, and the movement's various churches and healing institutes. Dowie (1847-1907 ) was a Scot who moved to Australia in 1847 and eventually took up preaching "non-cessationist" or "restorationist" (i.e., the survival of healing and other powers in the Church). In Melbourne in the 1880s he published a journal called Jehovah Rophi to expound his doctrines. Upon moving to the United States in 1888, he first settled in San Francisco and then went to Chicago set up in a building near the Columbian Exhibition to preach to and heal the multitudes. In 1896 he formally began his Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion and in 1901 started Zion City on property he owned 40 miles from Chicago, near Waukegan. His followers were required to tithe and to deposit all their money in his Zion Bank, also owned by him. He proceeded to abuse this financial control by making extensive (and luxurious) travels and enjoying other indulgences at his depositors' expense. When he was stricken by a stroke in Mexico in 1905 his lieutenant, Wilbur Voliva, deposed him (alleging an unauthorized mortgage on Zion City's lake-front property and the theft of millions of dollars--not by any means the first such allegations leveled against Dowie during his ministry). Dowie responded (issue of March 11, 1905) with a vast General Apostolic Letter, regretting the resignation of the the head of the Zion Stocks and Securities Bureau that invested the groups money, denying any wrongdoing, and claiming a balance of $21 milllion. He tried to regain control in the courts but failed, and died in Zion City in 1907. Voliva assumed control of the colony and the journal after Dowie's death--as well as of the bank. The journal was largely filled in the early years with reports on the growth and prosperity of the church, "Calls to Action against the Powers of Darkness," and with Dowie's sermons and lectures, and letters from those seeking healing or reporting on the wonders he had worked. For our purposes the most notable feature of the journal was its opposition to spiritualism, Christian Science, and mind cure: "'Divine Healing" (Dowie's system) "is diametrically opposed to these diabolical counterfeits, which are utterly anti-Christian. These impostures are only seductive forms of Spiritualism." The same criticism extended to Theosophy and to those who sought healing from competing institutions like J.H. Kellogg's sanatarium in Battle Creek. In his last years, Dowie let it be known that he was a direct Messenger from God, the "First Apostle," and that he was, in fact, Elijah returned. This status did not prevent him from giving vent in the journal to a rich form of invective against his competitors and opponents. Another Dowie journal, Zion Banner, is mentioned in this journal, described as an eight-page weekly devoted to the doings about Zion City, but it has not survived. New York Historical Society; Columbia University; NYPL; Iona College; Drew University; Wilmington University.

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Leaves Of Healing V23 1909 Jan

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