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Periodical: The Lamp

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Lamp, The.
1894-1900 Monthly
Toronto, Canada. Editor: Albert E.S. Smythe; D.N. Donlop, associate editor. Succeeded by: Canadian Theosophist (also edited by A.E.S. Smythe)
1/1, August 1894-September 1900. 25 cents-$1.00/4s a year, 16-36 pp.

Hiatus from February 1897 to September 1899 on account of the absence of Smythe, the primary mover beyond the journal and of Theosophy in Canada; publication was resumed under the editorialship of Dunlop. This was the first Theosophical magazine in Canada. It was "Theosophical" but stood in strong contrast to what would be called "Neo-Theosophy" or "watered-down Theosophy." "We believe and will vote for 'The Theosophical Society,' as it was, as it is, and is to be; the Universal Brotherhood is a necessary result." Smythe had first come to learn of Theosophy in 1884 when he met W.Q. Judge onboard the ship on which he was immigrating to the United States. In 1891 he started a branch of the Theosophical Society in Toronto and then followed the Judge -> Tingley branches of Theosophy in the split of 1895. When Tingley expelled him from her society he again rejoined the Adyar Thosophists. In 1920 he began the Canadian Theosophist which, with this journal, was one of the most important and influential Theosophical journal published worldwide, principally because of Smythe’s policy of openness to competing points of view and adherence to what he saw as the original revelation of Theosophy. Though Smythe was a member of the Toronto branch of the T.S., the journal, except for the first few issues, was not the organ of the branch but aspired to an international audience, which it largely achieved. On good evidence it had a circulation of 5,000, an astonishing feat for the time.

Lamp V1 1894-1895 Index
Lamp V1 N1 1894 Aug
Lamp V1 N2 1894 Sep
Lamp V1 N3 1894 Oct
Lamp V1 N4 1894 Nov
Lamp V1 N5 1894 Dec
Lamp V1 N6 1895 Jan
Lamp V1 N7 1895 Feb
Lamp V1 N8 1895 Mar
Lamp V1 N9 1895 Apr
Lamp V1 N10 1895 May
Lamp V1 N11 1895 Jun
Lamp V1 N12 1895 Jul
Lamp V2 1895-1896 Index
Lamp V2 N1 1895 Aug
Lamp V2 N2 1895 Sep
Lamp V2 N3 1895 Oct
Lamp V2 N4 1895 Nov
Lamp V2 N5 1895 Dec
Lamp V2 N6 1896 Jan
Lamp V2 N7 1896 Feb
Lamp V2 N8 1896 Mar
Lamp V2 N9 1896 Apr
Lamp V2 N10 1896 May
Lamp V2 N11 1896 Jun
Lamp V2 N12 1896 Jul
Lamp V3 1896-1900 Index
Lamp V3 N1 1896 Aug
Lamp V3 N2 1896 Sep
Lamp V3 N3 1896 Oct
Lamp V3 N7 1899 Sep
Lamp V3 N8 1899 Nov
Lamp V3 N10 1899 Dec
Lamp V3 N11 1900 Jan
Lamp V3 N12 1900 Feb
Lamp V4 1900 Index
Lamp V4 N1 1900 Mar
Lamp V4 N2 1900 Apr
Lamp V4 N3 1900 May
Lamp V4 N4 1900 Jun
Lamp V4 N5 1900 Jul
Lamp V4 N6 1900 Aug
Lamp V4 N7 1900 Sep

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