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Periodical: Lake Pepin Gazette

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Lake Pepin Gazette / Medium's Friend and Lake Pepin Gazetteer.
Like the United States of America, "Free and Independent"
1882--1885 Weekly
Pepin, WI. Editor: W.F. Jamieson, editor and publisher.
1/1, August 10, 1882-1885. 12 pp., $1.00 a year.

The first issue announced that it would be "devoted, First.--To the advancement of the material interests of Pepin and vicinity. Every number will contain descriptions of the great Northwest. Second.--To the finest possible discussion of the live questions of the day." This was the last of Jamieson's efforts (Spiritual Republic, Spiritual Reporter, Spiritual Rostrum, Present Age, Hull's Crucible) at combining free love and spiritualism and advocacy of labor vs. capital. Moses Hull, whom Jamieson had converted to spiritualism in 1862, was a contributor. See the note under Hull's Crucible. WHi microfilm (single issue).

Issues:Lake Pepin Gazette V1 N1 Aug 10 1882

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