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Periodical: La Gnose

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Gnose, La.
Organe de l'Eglise gnostique universelle / Consacree a l'etude des Sciences esoteriques / Revue Mensuelle Consacree aux etudes esoteriques et Metaphysiques.
1909-1912 Monthly
Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Librairie du Merveilleux. Editor: Rene Guenon.

1/1, June 1909-February 1912. This was begun by Guenon and others of the neo-Gnostics after they were expelled by Papus (Gerard Encausse) from the Ordre Martiniste for founding their own Ordre du Temple Renove. On the neo-Gnostics, see the note under Le Reveil des Albigeois. On Guenon and La Gnose and the Ordre du Temple Renove, see the note under Hiram, and also Robert Amadou "L'Erreur Spirite de Rene Guenon ou l'Affaire du Temple Renove," Le Sphinx 3/4-5, Fall 1978. The subtitle of the journal was changed after three issues, apparently after complaints by Johanny Bricaud, the head of the eglise Gnostique Universelle (the body formed in 1908 as the gnostic substrate of what was to become the O.T.O.), and was changed again in September 1911, presumably to reflect Guenon's views of his own work.

Issues:La Gnose V1 N1 Nov 1909
La Gnose V1 N2 Dec 1909
La Gnose V1 N3 Jan 1910
La Gnose V1 N4 Feb 1910
La Gnose V1 N5 Mar 1910
La Gnose V1 N6 Apr 1910
La Gnose V1 N7 May 1910
La Gnose V1 N8 Jun 1910
La Gnose V1 N9 Jul-aug 1910
La Gnose V1 N10 Sep-oct 1910
La Gnose V1 N11 Nov 1910
La Gnose V1 N12 Dec 1910
La Gnose V2 N1 Jan 1911
La Gnose V2 N2 Feb 1911
La Gnose V2 N3 Mar 1911
La Gnose V2 N4 Apr 1911
La Gnose V2 N5 May 1911
La Gnose V2 N6 Jun 1911
La Gnose V2 N7 Jul 1911
La Gnose V2 N8 Aug 1911
La Gnose V2 N9 Sep 1911
La Gnose V2 N10 Oct 1911
La Gnose V2 N11 Nov 1911
La Gnose V2 N12 Dec 1911
La Gnose V3 N1 Jan 1912
La Gnose V3 N2 Feb 1912
La Gnose V3 N11 Jan 1912

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