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Periodical: La Fleche

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Fleche, La.
Organ d'Action Magique / Lumière occulte = Lances sociales = Perles litteraires.
Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Marie de Naglowska.
1/1, October 15, 1930-January 15, 1935(?) 4-8 pp., 10 francs a year. The journal is perhaps best viewed as an extended advertisement for Naglowska's "Erotisme Initiatique," which was the sexual magic of P.B. Randolph with ritualistic additions of her own. The journal claimed that" it had been created to prepare humanity through new idea-forms for the erection of the Temple of the third Term of the Trinity in which the Masses of Gold would be celebrated." The first issue carried an article by Giulio Evola. On Naglowska, see Sarane Alexandrian, "Maria de Naglowska et le satanisme feminin," in Les Liberateurs de l'Amour (Paris: Editions du Seuil (1977), 185-206. Rene Guenon in Voile d'Isis, January 1932, noted suspect tendencies in the journal! BNF.

Issues:La Fleche N1 Oct 15 1930
La Fleche N5 Feb 15 1931
La Fleche N6 Mar 15 1931
La Fleche N7 Nov 15 1931
La Fleche N8 Dec 15 1931
La Fleche N9 Jan 15 1932
La Fleche N10 Feb 15 1932
La Fleche N11 Mar 15 1932
La Fleche N12 May 15 1932
La Fleche N13 Jun-Jul 15 1932
La Fleche N14 Oct-Nov 15 1932
La Fleche N15 Feb 15 1933
La Fleche N16 Mar 15 1933
La Fleche N17 Apr 15 1933
La Fleche N18 Dec 15 1933
La Fleche N19 Mar 15 1934
La Fleche N20 Jan 15 1935

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