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Periodical: The Kneph

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Kneph, The.
Official Journal of the Antient & Primitive Rite of Masonry.
Peace, Tolerance, Truth
1881–1900 Monthly through 1883; quarterly through 1887; then annual
London, England. Publisher: Published under the Authority of the Sovereign Sanctuary for Great Britain and Ireland. Editor: Bro. Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, IX(degree), LL.D., 32(degree)(first six issues), then James Hill, John Yarker, et alia. Succeeded by: Zuzimoth
1/1/January 1, 1881-July 28, 1900. The last numbered issue was that for August 1895, and only one issue seems to have been issued thereafter.

This was the organ of John Yarker's Antient & Primitive Rite of Masonry, which has intimate connections with the origins of the Theosophical Society and with later occult organizations, such as Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. Despite its notoriety for contributions by Mackenzie and Yarker, the journal by and large consisted of lodge news and of Yarker's interminable efforts to establish his Masonic genealogy. Listed in F. Leigh Gardner, A Catalogue Raisonne of Works on the Occult Sciences, Vol. 1, Rosicrucian Books (London: Privately Printed, 1903). Copy in Chancellor Robert L. Livingston Masonic Library, New York.

Issues:Kneph V1 N1 Jan 1881
Kneph V1 N2 Feb 1881
Kneph V1 N3 Mar 1881
Kneph V1 N4 Apr 1881
Kneph V1 N5 May 1881
Kneph V1 N6 Jun 1881
Kneph V1 N7 Jul 1881
Kneph V1 N8 Aug 1881
Kneph V1 N9 Sep 1881
Kneph V1 N10 Oct 1881
Kneph V1 N11 Nov 1881
Kneph V1 N12 Dec 1881
Kneph V2 N13 Jan 1882
Kneph V2 N14 Feb 1882
Kneph V2 N15 Mar 1882
Kneph V2 N16 Apr 1882
Kneph V2 N17 May 1882
Kneph V2 N18 Jun 1882
Kneph V2 N19 Jul 1882
Kneph V2 N20-21 Aug-sep-1882
Kneph V2 N22 Oct 1882
Kneph V2 N23 Nov 1882
Kneph V2 N24 Dec 1882
Kneph V3 N1 Jan 1883
Kneph V3 N2-3 Feb-mar 1883
Kneph V3 N3 Mar 1883
Kneph V3 N4 Apr 1883
Kneph V3 N5 May 1883
Kneph V3 N6 Jun 1883
Kneph V3 N7 Jul 1883
Kneph V3 N8 Aug 1883
Kneph V3 N9 Sep 1883
Kneph V3 N10 Oct 1883
Kneph V3 N11 Nov 1883
Kneph V3 N12 Dec 1883
Kneph V4 N12 Dec 1884 (volume contents only)

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