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Periodical: International Theosophical Year Book

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

International Theosophical Year Book.
Giving the History and Organization of The Theosophical Society, a Theosophical Who's Who, the President's Policy, etc., etc. / A World Survey for 19)), The Activities of The Theosophiocal Society, A World Calendar, etc..
Other titles: World Understanding
1937--1942 Annual
Adyar, India.
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House.
Editor: George S. Arundale.
Succeeded by: World Understanding (captioned title in 1940 and 1941) 1/1, 1937-1942.

This was an annual compendium of things Theosophical and is invaluable for the history of the movement during the period. It provides thumbnail biographies of eminent Theosophists in various countries together with lists of sections and officials, etc. It attempts to provide notice of Theosophical journals around the world. Olcott Library, Wheaton, Illinois.

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