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Periodical: International Metaphysical League Annual Proceedings

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

International Metaphysical League, Proceedings of the Annual Convention.
1899—1900 Annual
Boston, MA. Publisher: International Metaphysical League.
1/1, 1899-1900.

This was the proceedings of the International Metaphysical League, the predecessor of the International New Thought Alliance. The Metaphysical League was started in 1895 in Boston and began these annual conventions in 1899. In 1903 the League organized the first International New Thought Convention in Chicago, which in turn, in 1914, became the International New Thought Alliance. Contributions by C.B. Patterson, Ursula N. Gestefield, Henry Wood, Sarah J. Farmer, Mrs. C. Josephine Barton, Solon Lauer, A.P. Barton, Mrs. M.E. Cramer, R. Heber Newton, Horatio W. Dresser, Annie Rix Militz, Walph Waldo Trine, Helen Van Anderson, Swami Abhedananda, Paul Tyner, B.O. Flower, et al. NYPL; Cleveland Public Library; University of California, Berkeley.

Issues:International Metaphysical League Proceedings V1 1899
International Metaphysical League Proceedings V2 1900

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