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Periodical: Immortality and Survival

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Immortality and Survival.
1930--1932? Monthly
London, England.
Publisher: Cathedral Publishing Company.
Succeeded by: Survival Magazine (incorporated into, about 1932)
1/1, January 1930. Sixpence an issue, 7s. a year, 48 pp.

This journal was printed by J.W. Potter at the Erlestoke Press, Erlestoke, Wilts., on whom see the note under The Christian Spiritualist (Erlestoke), and bears the mark of his style and circle of contributors -- it carried a full-page advertisement for his St. Luke's Church of the Spiritual Evangel of Jesus the Christ in London. It was incorporated into Survival Magazine, published by Clifford Potter, J.W.'s son, about the end of 1932, despite its proclamation that "each month it carries more paid advertising space than any other Spiritualist journal." The journal featured notices of Mrs. Meurig Morris and her addresses around Britain to thousands of people, and attributed her success to "No Free Admission": All profits were to be divided between the sponsoring spiritualist society and Morris. The journal contained articles by Marjorie Bowen, W.H. Evans, Hannen Swaffer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oliver Lodge, Lady Conan Doyle, G. Vale Owen, Mrs. Meurig Morris, Estelle Stead, and others, short fiction by Madge Donohoe, C.W. Potter, et al., and testimonials on spiritualism by various prominent society figures. Frequent and prominent advertisements by AMORC ("Perpetuating the original and only Rosicrucian Fraternity"), and the usual advertisements for "Reading of your Horosope and coming events in the near future" (Pauline Desti, F.B.I.M.S., Birmingham), "Psychosensics is the Science of Psychic Unfoldment" ("See Clairvoyantly, Hear Clairaudiently, Feel Psychometrically"). Triangle Cash Herbal Stores, etc. University of Texas, Austin.

Issues:Immortality and Survival V2 N6 Jun 1931

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