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Periodical: Human Nature (San Francisco)

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Human Nature.
A Monthly Journal Devoted to Phrenology, Physiognomy, Health, Medical and Social Reform.
San Francisco, CA. Editor: Prof. Allen Haddock, Phrenologist, editor and proprietor; C.P. Holt, associate editor; Edwin S. Fyfe.
1/1, 1890-1906(?) 8-16 pp. Illustrated. Fifty cents a year.

Professor Haddock also offered phrenological examinations: oral ($1.00), "recorded on chart" ($2.00), and "recorded with typewritten analysis" ($5.00). Noted in "List of Advance Thought Publications," The New Cycle, March 1900, 159-60, and advertised in The Oracle, April 1900. The Occult and Biological Journal, 1902, describes it as a "monthly magazine, ow in its eleventh year of publication. It treats of Phrenology, Physiognomy, Psychology, Health, Sociology, and all subjects which pertain to the welfare of humanity." The advertisement in Coming Light, January 1899, says that the journal was "earnest in its advocacy of human liberty and abreast of the age in progressive thought." The journal's own proclamation in its first issue promised:: " Our columns will be devoted to the unfoldment of man's inner nature, as revealed by his head, face and body; in his form and features, color, texture and quality of organization and temperament. We shall embrace the entire study of man, for that is the full meaning of the word Phrenology, as the science is not confined to the head, or to " bumps," as some suppose. W e shall endeavor to explain why men are thus and so, and hope to prove by actual demonstration why this one is so kind and liberal, why another is so unkind and selfish, why one is so open, candid and honest, another mysterious and cunning, why one is weak, vain and foolish, another so strong, sensible and wise. Why some boys, girls, men and women are better adapted for one calling in life, others to different occupations altogether; why this one succeeds, why that one fails in his attempt to reach the goal of his ambition. We shall strive to inculcate a spirit of purity and love of home in our readers Our sole object is not dollars, although we do hope our work will be deemed worthy of financial support, and thus enable us to carry on the journal, with the motto: ‘upward and onward' toward moral and intellectual improvement." The principals also ran the Haddock & Holt Institute in San Francisco that bestowed degrees on those worthy to receive them: V.G. Rocine boasted of a Ph.D. in Mental Science from the school. Ohio Western Reserve Historical Society Library; California Historical Society.

NB: The volume and issue numbering of this periodical is haphazard and the as-printed volumes and issue numbers cannot be relied upon.

Human Nature V6 N1 Jan 1896
Human Nature V6 N4 Apr 1896
Human Nature V6 N7 Jul 1896
Human Nature V6 N8 Aug 1896
Human Nature V6 N9 Sep 1896
Human Nature V7 N1 Jan 1897
Human Nature V7 N5 May 1897
Human Nature V7 N6 Jun 1897
Human Nature V7 N7 Jul 1897
Human Nature V7 N9 Sep 1897
Human Nature V7 N12 Dec 1897
Human Nature V8 N1 Jan 1898
Human Nature V8 N2 Feb 1898
Human Nature V8 N4 Apr 1898
Human Nature V8 N5 May 1898
Human Nature V8 N9 Sep 1898
Human Nature V8 N11 Nov 1898
Human Nature V8 N12 Dec 1898
Human Nature V9 N1 Jan 1899
Human Nature V9 N4 Apr 1899
Human Nature V9 N5 May 1899
Human Nature V9 N6 Jun 1899
Human Nature V9 N7 Jul 1899
Human Nature V9 N11 Nov 1899
Human Nature V10 N1 Jan 1900
Human Nature V10 N2 Feb 1900
Human Nature V10 N6 Jun 1900
Human Nature V11 N1 Jan 1901
Human Nature V11 N2 Feb 1901
Human Nature V11 N8 Aug 1901
Human Nature V11 N11 Nov 1901
Human Nature V11 N12 Dec 1901 Partial
Human Nature V12 N1 Jan 1902
Human Nature V13 N6 Jun 1902
Human Nature V14 N1 Jan 1903
Human Nature V14 N2 Feb 1903
Human Nature V14 N6 Jun 1903
Human Nature V14 N7 Jul 1903
Human Nature V14 N9 Sep 1903
Human Nature V14 N10 Oct 1903
Human Nature V15 N1 Jan 1904
Human Nature V15 N5 May 1904
Human Nature V15 N8 Aug 1904
Human Nature V16 N2 Feb 1905 Partial
Human Nature V16 N3 Mar 1905
Human Nature V16 N8 Aug 1905
Human Nature V17 N1 Jan 1906 Partial

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