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Periodical: The Horoscope (Zadkiel)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Horoscope, The.
A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Containing Complete Answers to Every Objection to the Science, &c. / A Monthly Magazine of Interesting and Instructive Science and Literature / A Miscellany of Meteorology, the Celestial Science of Astrology and Literature / A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology, Meteorology.
1834--1841 Weekly, then monthly, then weekly again
Liverpool, then London, England. Publisher: Wilmer and Smith; William Charlton Wright. Editor: Zadkiel (Richard James Morrison).
Succeeds: Herald of Astrology (annual almanac, 1831) Succeeded by: The Horoscope (1841)

1/1, May 3, 1834 -- 1/19, September 6, 1834; 1/1, January 1841 -- vol. 1, part 6, no. 4, May 29, 1841. 8 - 42 pp., 1 s. an issue. The journal published 19 numbers in 1834, and then was restarted in 1841, first as a monthly and then as a weekly, for 8 issues. On its re-commencement its sub-title was changed to reflect an interest in "Instructive Science and Literature," phrenology, meteorology, astronomy, etc. -- perhaps in recognition of the inability of astrology alone to support a monthly or weekly journal at the time. The advertisement for the first issue promised "Predictions of the Weather, and List of Fortunate and Unfortunate Days in the ensuing Week -- General Predictions -- Curious Nativities -- Essays on Astrology, Meteorology, and other Branches of Elementary Philosophy -- Fulfilled Predictions -- Answers to Correspondents who may desire Information as to their Nativities, the Study of Astrology, &c." Morrison, 1795-1874, served more than 20 years in the Royal Navy, retiring as a lieutenant in 1829, and then took to astrology, initially patterning his work after that of Raphael (Robert Cross Smith, 1795-1832). The journal in its revived form still concentrated on astrology, offering lessons on basic astrology, predictions of coming events, nativities of various royal personages, a historical sketch of astrology, etc., but also published articles on the religion and ethical philosophy of the ancients, Robert Owen, the motion of Venus, physiognomy and phrenology from an astrological point of view, astro-meteorology (the compilation of barometer and thermometer tables and graphs showing curves for various locations in England), etc. The first issue of the revived journal announced its purposes as "intended to be a Miscellany of Astrology, Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Phrenology, and other branches of Natural Philosophy, the investigation of which may advance the true Philosophy, or that valuable series of Truths of which mankind in all ages and in all countries have had partial glimpses, but which have, among a few past generations, been overwhelmed by the hallucinations of pretended theories of physics, alike wanting in the solid basis of experience and the ornamental structure of inductive reasoning." Northwestern University; BL; Bodleian Library.

Issues:Horoscope Monthly V1 N1 Jan 1841
Horoscope Monthly V1 N2 Feb 1841
Horoscope Monthly V1 N3 Mar 1841
Horoscope Monthly V1 N4 Apr 1841
Horoscope Monthly V1 N5 May 1841
Horoscope Weekly V1 Pt6 N1 May 8 1841
Horoscope Weekly V1 Pt6 N2 May 15 1841
Horoscope Weekly V1 Pt6 N3 May 22 1841
Horoscope Weekly V1 Pt6 N4 May 29 1841

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