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Periodical: Harmony

HSummary: From Pat Deveney's database:

A Monthly Magazine, Devoted to Truth, Science of Infinite Spirit, Wisdom, and the Christ Method of Healing /A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Divine Science.
Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest
1888--1906 Monthly
San Francisco, CA.
Editor: Malinda E. Cramer and F.E. Coote; then Malinda E. Cramer; then Malinda E. and C.L. Cramer, editors and publishers, Frank E. Cramer, manager. 1/1, October 1888-18/6, March 1906.
20 pp, 7 x 10; $1.00 (then $1.50) a year.

This was started by Malinda Elliott Cramer ( 1844-1906), and was one of the most important New Thought/mental healing magazines. Cramer had earlier been involved with The Gnostic in San Francisco, and called her variety of New Thought "Divine Science." As early as 1890 she was offering a series of Lessons in the Science of Infinite Spirit, and the Christ Method of Healing. In 1888 she and her husband, Frank, began the Divine Science Home School, and in 1892 she organized the International Divine Science Association, a precursor to the International New Thought Alliance. She died as a consequence of injuries sustained in the San Francisco earthquake. The early issues of the journal are especially notable because they contain a long novelette by "Eulis" (F.B. Dowd) that illustrates the transition then taking place between the earlier magic of P.B. Randolph and the softer, more mystical approach of New Thought. LOC; NYPL microfilm; California State Library; Association of Research Libraries; University of Colorado, Boulder.

Issues:Harmony V1 1888-1889
Harmony V2 1889-1890
Harmony V3 1890-1891
Harmony V4 1891-1892
Harmony V5 1892-1893
Harmony V6 1892-1894
Harmony V7 1894-1895
Harmony V8 1895-1896
Harmony V10 1897-1898
Harmony V12 1899-1900
Harmony V13 1900-1901
Harmony V14 1901-1902
Harmony V15 1902-1903
Harmony V16 1903-1904
Harmony V17 1903-1904
Harmony V18 1905-1906

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