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Periodical: The Guiding Star

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Guiding Star, The.
The Expositor of the Divine Science / A Magazine Devoted to the Science of Immortal Life / A Magazine Devoted to the Science of Being / The Subject of Mental Cure or Metaphysical Healing One of Its Essential Departments.
Vincit qui se vincit
1886-1889 Monthly

Chicago, IL. Publisher: Guiding Star Publishing Company. Editor: Cyrus R. Teed, editor and proprietor. Succeeded by: The Flaming Sword 1/1, December 1, 1886-3/5, May 1889. $1.00-$2.00 a year, 32-48 pp. Devoted to Teed's ("Koresh's") World's College of Life and Society Arch Triumphant. Teed's advocacy of communal communism, celibacy, and the hollow earth theory has overshadowed his other ideas, but this journal reveals his intimate connections with the early "mind cure" movement, especially in Chicago, where Teed had been invited in order to address the National Association of Mental Science in 1886. He and the students of his College were indistinguishable as healers from the numerous mind-cure healers in Chicago and even advocated the controversial practice of "absent healing"-mail-order cures-for $5.00. The journal, largely written by Teed himself, strove to distinguish itself from the "spurious" Christian Science of Mary Baker Eddy and from Christianity, Swedenborgianism, Theosophy and spiritualism, and was principally devoted to "celibacy"-the conserving of the "dynamis," the virtue or healing potency, to achieve "regeneration," bi-sexual unity, physical immortality (a concept Teed claimed to have invented), and the transformation of the world in the new age. "The ultimate potential energy of man's being is the seed of man." Mere conservation of the sexual energy, however, was not enough for Teed. The energy conserved and accumulated had to be directed toward him as Cyrus/messiah of the new era: "The centralization of the pneumic and psychic forces, which in other words is the flow of spirits and souls to the one Messianic center, will be effected by the cognition of this center, and the direction of the desires of all who look for the Lord's coming, towards this cognized pivot as the true Sign, the Messenger of the Covenant, the true Shepherd of the sheep." Hamilton College (online).

This run of The Guiding Star is provided by the Koreshan Unity digital archive project at Hamilton College.

Issues:Guiding Star V1 Index
Guiding Star V1 N1 Dec 1886
Guiding Star V1 N2 Jan 1887
Guiding Star V1 N3 Feb 1887
Guiding Star V1 N4 Mar 1887
Guiding Star V1 N5 Apr 1887
Guiding Star V1 N6 May 1887
Guiding Star V1 N7 Jun 1887
Guiding Star V1 N8-9 Jul-aug 1887
Guiding Star V1 N9 Aug 1887
Guiding Star V1 N10 Sep 1887
Guiding Star V1 N11 Oct 1887
Guiding Star V1 N12-13 Nov-dec 1887
Guiding Star V2 Index
Guiding Star V2 N1 Jan 1888
Guiding Star V2 N2 Feb 1888
Guiding Star V2 N3 Mar 1888
Guiding Star V2 N4 Apr 1888
Guiding Star V2 N5 May 1888
Guiding Star V2 N6 Jun 1888
Guiding Star V2 N7 Jul 1888
Guiding Star V2 N8 Aug 1888
Guiding Star V2 N9 Sep 1888
Guiding Star V2 N10 Oct 1888
Guiding Star V2 N11 Nov 1888
Guiding Star V2 N12 Dec 1888
Guiding Star V3 Index
Guiding Star V3 N1 Jan 1889
Guiding Star V3 N2 Feb 1889
Guiding Star V3 N3 Mar 1889
Guiding Star V3 N4 Apr 1889
Guiding Star V3 N5 May 1889

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