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Periodical: Guiding Light

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Guiding Light, The.
The Light to Better Living Through Genuine Spiritual Knowledge.
Other titles: Guiding Light Magazine
1955?--1959? Bimonthly
New York, NY.
Editor: Ureal V. Charles, editor and publisher; Rev. Bertha Fischer, D.D. and Rev. Angela V. Cali Wanderer, spiritual consultants / Edited under the inspiration of the Brotherhood of Universal Truth.
1/1, 1955 (?)
$2.00 a year (which included "a FREE problem analysis."

The journal was a hodgepodge of the occult of the era: reincarnation, Hermetic Teachings, magical circles, mind-conditioning, "How and Why I became a Spiritualist, "Let your Subconscious Succeed for You," etc. It contained a wide variety of advertisements for lessons, advice, spiritual aid and betterment, and mysterious secret knowledge, and offered its own Brotherhood of Universal Truth, "psychometrical analysis" (for $3.00), Psychic Counselors, the "Wisdom of Azariah" (from the World University Round Table of Huntington Park, California), the Ward Cheering and Healing Service of Metropolis, Illinois, the School of Divine Harmony (Courses in Spiritualism offered in Brooklyn and Harlem by John Heiss, on whom see the note under Immortality), the Brotherhood of the White Temple of Sedalia, Colorado, the College of Divine Metaphysics, Inc. (of Indianapolis, Indiana, offering Ps.D. and Ms.D. and D.D. degrees), etc. -- a cross section of what spiritualism, occultism and New Thought had become by the 1950s.

Issues:Guiding Light V4 Jul 1959

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