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Periodical: Growth

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

An Exponent of the Higher Principles of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Unfoldment.
1907? Monthly
Pasadena, CA. Publisher: The Hundred-Year League. Editor: Edgar Wallace Conable and Louise A. Conable.
Succeeds: The Pathfinder
1/1, 1907. Noted in New Theology, September 1908, and in Nautilus, March 1907, as a new magazine to be published "in the interests of their 'Hundred-Year League'"-i.e., in the interest of physical immortality. Conable (1850-1909) didn't make the century mark, dying at 55. He and his followers, who had earlier pioneered a colony in Arkansas, believed in the prevention of the loss of sex vitality through improper sexuality, the avoidance of alcohol, tobacco and stimulants generally, and in fasting, especially the avoidance of breakfast. Mrs. Conable was Anna Louise Ambrose, the author of Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain (1907). LOC.

Issues:Growth V1 N1 Jan 1907
Growth V1 N2 Feb 1907
Growth V1 N3 Mar 1907
Growth V1 N4 Apr 1907
Growth V1 N5 May 1907

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