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Periodical: The Golden Dawn

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Golden Dawn Magazine, The. The Most Unusual Magazine. The Occult Sciences, Psychology, Health & Diet. 1938-1941 Quarterly North Ferriby, Yorkshire, England. Publisher: Brothers of the Path / "El Sendero". Editor: SETI; A. Greville-Gasgoigne; "The Principal"; ; S. Conrad Churchill, associate editor; Ian Gordon, literary editor; A.P. Chetwode, business manager. Succeeds: Healing; Freedom; Illuminiere

1/1, 1938-1941 (?). 50 pp., mimeographed and stapled. Although the issue for December 1940 celebrates its tenth year of publication, the journal, at least in this form, was begun in 1938, apparently close to the beginnings of the obscure Brotherhood of the Path ("T.B.O.T.B.") which published it. The brotherhood seems to have mined the Golden Dawn rituals and those of Aleister Crowley to create a three-year mail-order course in occultism that, by its own account, was very successful. The group also sold Chinese herbs and other health items. Contributions by the likes of the astrologer Vera Stanley Alder, Ian Gordon, Rathmell Wilson, "Rae," and Tomaso Cellini, with occasional offerings by the likes of Rene Guenon (of all people), Manly P. Hall, Israel Regardie, and Hereward Carrington. Adverised in Aries Quarterly, March 1938. Warburg, Yorke Collection; 3/4, December 1940, Skidmore, Lily Dale.

Issues:Golden Dawn V3 N4 Dec 1940

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