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Periodical: Freethinkers Magazine | The Free Thought Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Freethinkers' Magazine, The.
Hospitable to All Truth and Devoted to the Exposing of Ancient Error by the Light of Modern Science and Criticism.
Other titles: Free Thought Magazine (1895 on)
1882-1894 Monthly and then bimonthly.
Buffalo, and Salamanca, NY, and in 1895 Chicago, IL. Editor: Horace L. Green, editor and publisher; Robert N. Reeves, assistant editor, H.C. Green, business manager, and B.F. Underwood, Thaddeus B. Wakeman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, et al., editorial contributors. Succeeded by: The Free Thought Magazine (Chicago, 1895); 1903, combined with T.B. Wakeman and Pearl Geer’s Torch of Reason to from The Liberal Review
1/1 1882-1894. $1.50 a year.

In 1895 the name of the journal was changed to the Free Thought Magazine. This is a free-thought journal with a great deal of material on spiritualism (reflecting the earlier common front of the two movements), Theosophy, and the like. A.L. Rawson was a frequent contributor (including a piece on his introducing the English scientist John Tyndall to hashish); John C. Bundy merited an obituary; and W.E. Coleman, Lyman C. Howe, J.M. Peebles, et al. regularly appeared. Green (1828-1903) was involved in every liberal reformatory movement of his time and like his fellow liberals had trouble following the movement into the open advocacy of “free love” and was unceasing in criticizing Moses Harmon and his ilk. LOC; NYPL; University of Chicago, etc.

Free Thought Magazine, The.
Other titles: The Freethinkers’ Magazine
Chicago, IL. Editor: Horace L. Green.
Succeeds: The Freethinkers’ Magazine (Buffalo, NY, and Chicago, IL) Succeeded by: The Peoples’ Voice; Liberal Review (consolidation of this journal and The Torch of Reason)
1/1, 1895-1903. $1.50 a year. See the note under Freethinkers' Magazine, which changed its name to The Free Thought Magazine in 1895.

Green killed himself in November 1903 and the journal was combined with The Torch of Reason, published by T.B. Wakeman and Pearl Geer, to form The Liberal Review. In 1895, Green announced that he would start a semi-monthly publication, The Peoples’ Voice, devoted to "letters from the people—the real people of the country." (Religio-Philosophical Journal, February 23, 1895) The venture was to be funded by requiring that each letter be accompanied by a dime. If Green carried through the scheme, no issue has survived. On Free Thought Magazine, see Macdonald, Fifty Years of Freethought 2:238. Editorial contributors: B.F. Underwood; Thaddeus B. Wakeman; C.B. Waite; George J. Holyoake; Helen H. Gardener; and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. In 1901 the journal carried a series of articles by J.M. Peebles that reviewed his experience of spiritualism over almost 50 years. University of Chicago microfilm.

Issues:Freethinkers Magazine V5 1887 Partial
Freethinkers Magazine V11 1893
Free Thought Magazine V12 1894
Free Thought Magazine V13 1895
Free Thought Magazine V14 1896
Free Thought Magazine V15 1897
Free Thought Magazine V16 1898
Free Thought Magazine V17 1899
Free Thought Magazine V18 1900
Free Thought Magazine V19 1901
Free Thought Magazine V20 1902
Free Thought Magazine V21 1903

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