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Periodical: The Freemason (UK)

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Freemason, The.
A Weekly Journal of Freemasonry, Literature, Science, and Art.
Truth is the Body of God, and Light is His Shadow.—Plato
1869—1919 Weekly
London, England.
Succeeds: Masonic Illustrated (merged with, 1906) Succeeded by: The Freemason and Masonic Illustrated
1/1, March 13, 1869. 8 pp., 12s.

A journal of Masonic news and lodge activities published with the sanction of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England. Cornell University; Wilmington Library; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; BNF; Texas A&M University, etc.

Issues:Freemason V1-2 1869
Freemason V3 1870
Freemason V4 1871 Partial
Freemason V7 1874
Freemason V8 1875
Freemason V9 1876
Freemason V10 1877
Freemason V11 1878
Freemason V12 1879

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