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Periodical: Fred Burry's Journal

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Fred Burry's Journal of New Thought.
A Monthly Periodical of Advanced Thought.
Other titles: Fred Burry’s Journal
1898--1904? Monthly
Toronto, Canada. Publisher: Frederic W. Burry.
Editor: Frederic W. Burry.
Succeeded by: Fred Burry's Journal (1899)
1/1, September 1898-July 1904 (?)
4-40 pp., 25 cents "silver" a year ("The cheapest and most up-to-date Mental Science Monthly")-$1.00 a year.

In August 1899 this became simply Fred Burry’s Journal, and the journal is still being noted in 1904. The first issue proclaimed: "This is the first number of a new journal in the interests of Mental Science, a philosophy of life, that claims to show man the way out of the negative things that afflict the race, into an enjoyable life, here and now. My paper is not a large one, but the price is low, and as soon as the number of subscriptions warrant it, I will enlarge it. It is not in quantity of reading matter however, that one always gets the best values. Our large dailies would be all sufficient, if the size of a journal was the measure of its worth." The journal was replete with short articles on idealism, happiness, "How to Get Well," and in the early issues with endless affirmations: "All is life; there is no death," "God is All," "My body is my servant; I demand that it be whole," "Love is Life," etc. Frederic William Burry (England, 1873-Toronto, 1939) was one of the Canadians (Benjamin Fish Austin, Sydney Flower, John Emery McLean, Charles Brodie Patterson, Frank B. Robinson, Manly Palmer Hall, William Francis Mitchell, et al.) who became prominent in New Thought and sought fame and fortune in the movement, especially in its publications. Besides his interest in New Thought, Burry was also a Theosophist and a freethinker and author of The Celestial Life (1908). He wrote almost all the content of the journal (with occasional articles and excerpts from William E. Towne, Helen Wilmans, et al.), and also published extensively in The Balance, New York Magazine of Mysteries, Mind, The Swastika, Kalpaka, Neue Metaphysische Rundschau, Freedom, Hollywood Theosophist,and other journals. The journal carried advertisements for many of the lesser lights of the New Thought movement of the time (including "Miss J.B. Dutton" of McCook, Nebraska -- "the most wonderful Clairvoyant living"-- who would give readings for $1.00) and advertisements for the "Florence Oil Company ("one of the safest investments in the Beaumont, Texas field. Stock now at TEN CENTS a share"). LOC; NYPL; University of Maine; many Canadian universities. Microfiche, Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions; University of Maine; and many other locations.

Issues:Fred Burrys Journal Of New Thought V1 N1 Sep 1898
Fred Burrys Journal V2 N12 Dec 1900
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N10 Nov 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N1 Jan 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N2 Feb 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N3 May 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N4 May 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N5 May 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N6 Jun 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N7 Jul 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N8 Sep 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N9 Oct 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N10 Nov 1901
Fred Burrys Journal V3 N11 Dec 1901

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