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Periodical: Faro Oriental

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Faro Oriental.
No hay religion superior a la verdad
1912--1916 Monthly, bimonthly
Montevideo, Uruguay.
Language: Spanish.
Editor: F. Diaz Falp. 1/1, January 1912-1916. 24 pp.

This was a Theosophical journal, with the usual articles by Annie Besant et al, but it also carried discussions of Tagore and Bahai. The issue for May-June 1913 recounts the coming to Uruguay of Theosophy and occultism in 1896-1897 in the person of Alberto de Das, Conde de Sarak, an international confidence man and swindler, whose biography is detailed in the notes to Etoile d'Orient, Radiant Centre, and other journals. His then-current (and last) wife was Uruguayan and his children were born there. The Revista Teosofica (Cuba), February 15, 1917, notes the cessation of this journal and the transformation of the enterprise into a "Center for Initiatory Publications" to achieve a wider diffusion of its ideas and the teachings of the "Orientalist Philosophy."

Issues:Faro Oriental V1 N1 Jan 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N2 Feb 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N3 Mar 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N4 Apr 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N5 May 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N6 Jun 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N7 Jul 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N8 Aug 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N9 Sep 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N10 Oct 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N11 Nov 1912
Faro Oriental V1 N12 Dec 1912
Faro Oriental Index 1912
Faro Oriental V2 N13-14 Jan-feb 1913
Faro Oriental V2 N15-16 Mar-apr 1913
Faro Oriental V2 N17-18 May-jun 1913
Faro Oriental V2 N19-20 Jul-aug 1913
Faro Oriental V2 N21-22 Sep-oct 1913
Faro Oriental V2 N23-24 Nov-dec 1913
Faro Oriental Index 1913
Faro Oriental V3 N25-26 Jan-feb 1914
Faro Oriental V3 N27-28 Mar-apr 1914
Faro Oriental V3 N29-30 May-jun 1914
Faro Oriental V3 N31-32 Jul-aug 1914
Faro Oriental V3 N33-34 Sep-oct 1914
Faro Oriental V3 N35-36 Nov-dec- 1914
Faro Oriental Index 1914
Faro Oriental V4 N37-38 Jan-feb 1915
Mind V17 1906

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