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Periodical: The Faithist

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Faithist, The.
1950s Irregular
Celina, TN. Editor: Lovie Webb Gasteiner.
Succeeds: Echoes; The Open Way
24 pp., $1.00 for four issues.

The issues of the journal were numbered sequentially and undated. They were a belated hodgepodge of New Thought ("Source of Being is a term used to represent the One, Whole, All, Life Force, Energy or power—Life itself and the Law of Life"), faddist ideas on food, unfoldment ("The Secret of unfoldment lies not in EFFORT, but in ACTION BY THE LAW."), and visionary recitals. Lovie Webb came to her teachings initially in trance.

To this day I shall never know or be able to explain why I did it, but I sat down to my table, drew paper in front of me, and with my pen in hand above the paper—then in some way in which I shall not attempt to explain, this same mysterious power that awakened me also caused me to write rapidly for a period of more than one hour. At the end of which time, I was in a sort of trance and had no idea of what had been written. The only sensation that can be remembered is that I was tremendously sleepy. Thus I climbed back into my bunk to sleep late into the morning. Up, dressed, and breakfast over, I looked at the writings of the early morning. Parts were written in English, which I could read; and parts of it were in symbols, drawings, and characters resembling Chinese. Much of this sleep writing of the early morning was unintelligible to me. . . . I began to wonder if I was becoming afflicted with 'Mountain Glory.' It worried me, and I attempted by sheer power of will to banish 'all this queer stuff' from my mind, all to no avail. A few days later the 'Mystery Voice' came to me in day light. I could hear it but not see from whence it came. I was commanded to 'go' in the mountain again. I felt myself under a spell, and my feet guided up into a place among the Cathedral Spires." There, by command, “We dug a hole, and there was the Water. This mystic, magic water looks and smells like ordinary water. Also samples were sent to state chemists, and no unusual chemical properties were found to exist, yet there is a mysterious unnamed Something in the Water beyond the present scientific knowledge because I was a 'Fatty' all my life. I have enjoyed my food, needless to say, I was like a million other 'Fatties.' I abused my stomach by overeating and had a belly full of all manner of miseries, nervous indigestion, ulcers, and an inflamed intestinal tract."

After miraculously losing 60 pounds by drinking the water, Lovie Webb began to realize the full scope of her revelations and work: “There are no doubts whatsoever. I am positive I had taken on a super-cargo of Vital Human Energy, and so I came to ponder upon these mysterious experiences and particularly the hieroglyphic appearing symbols and drawings of the Number One Writing while camped on the Mountain of Cathedral Spires. I've come to the conclusion that this Number One Writing is an authentic document, reproduced here on earth by some etheral phenomena similar to the manner in which old man Noah of Bible history received the dimensions for the building of the Ark." Her work was to be The City of Dawn.

All of Lovie Webb's journals included a Universal Roll Call of Faith that listed (for an extra 25 cents) her readers and those who gave credence to her visions. Skidmore Library, Lily Dale.

Issues:Faithist N6

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