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Periodical: Essence of Common Sense

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Essence of Common Sense, The.
A Journal of New Thought.
1906 Monthly
Colorado Springs, CO. Publisher: Common Sense Publishing Company. Editor: J.L. Schaffer.
1/1, August 1906-(?) 20 pp., 5 1/3 x 6.

The journal's policy, announced in its first issue, was "to keep within the limits of common sense in every department"-a claim perhaps cast in doubt by its emphasis on astrology and by an article by Alexander J. McIvor-Tyndall on "Prophecy and Prediction." The journal advocated a pure strain of New Thought: "If we are true to Nature and her principles, there can and will be no limit to our Health," and published a series of Common Sense Rules to enable the reader to be true to Nature: "To eat pure food in moderation; to be clean in living; to drink pure water in abundance, with regular bathing; and to have confidence, without fear, anger, malice, revenge, dishonesty, jealousy or strife, will bring about Health, Happiness and Prosperity." Poems by Grace M. Brown. As a premium, the journal offered its reprint of The Higher Socialism, book and a year's subscription for $1.00. Denver Public Library.

Issues:Essence of Common Sense V1 N1 August 1906

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