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Periodical: El Espiritista (Madrid)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Espiritista, El.
Revista cientifica de estudios psicologicos.
Amor, Caridad, Ciencia
1878-1880 Monthly
Madrid and Saragossa, Spain. Language: Spanish. Publisher: Imp. de Viuda e Hijos de Alcantara. Editor: Antonio Torres-Solanot y Casas, Viscount de Torres-Solanot.
Succeeds: El Criterio->Progresso_Espiritista->El Criterio Espiritista Succeeded by: El Criterio Espiritista: Revista Mensual de Estudios Psicologicos y de Magnetismo (1880)
Corporate author: Centro Espiritista Español y del Grupo Marietta
11/9, 1878-1880. 24-48 pp. Continues volume numbering of El Criterio Espiritista.

This was begun by Torres-Solanot y Casas after a schism within the ranks of El Criterio Espiritista and its constituent groups over the issue of phenomena in spiritualism. Torres-Solanot, whose Grupo Marietta had discovered the "Medium of the Flowers" and favored phenomena, and the journal published articles on mediums' fluctuations in weight under the spirits' influence and on the moving of compass needles without physical contact-essays that would have been commonplace in the United States but were unknown in Spain. The last four issues were published in Saragossa. Catalogo Hemeroteca, Municipal de Madrid; Biblioteca Nacional de España.

Espiritista Madrid V1 N9 1878 Sep
Espiritista Madrid V1 N10 1878 Oct
Espiritista Madrid V1 N11 1878 Nov
Espiritista Madrid V1 N12 1878 Dec

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