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Periodical: Equinox

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Equinox, The.
Official organ of the A.A. The Review of Scientific Illuminism.
1909-1919 Semiannual
London, England; Detroit, MI. Publisher: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company; Universal Publishing Co. (Detroit). Editor: Aleister Crowley. Succeeded by: Equinox (Nashville, 1979); Equinox (New York, 1986); Äequinox (Zurich, 1954); etc.
1/1, March 1909-1/10 fall 1913; suspended 1914-1918, and begun again with 3/1, March 1919, which was published in Detroit, MI and is known within O.T.O. circles as the "Blue Equinox." Volumes 2 and 3/2 were never published. 3/3 was published in September 1936 (though some copies have the date December 1937 pasted on the title page), 3/4 in 1939 (and reissued in Dallas, Texas, in 1969 by Sangreal Foundation), and 3/5 in 1944. The journal was revived under the same name in New York in 1986, beginning with 3/10, counting several Crowley pamphlets as 3/6-3/9 in the volume numbering. There have been other attempts to continue the journal. This was Crowley's attempt to spread the word of his magical activities and prowess in ritual, sexual magic and Enochian evocations. The journal was largely written by Crowley (1875-1947) himself, under his own name and a variety of pseudonyms, and contains his disquisitions on the revelations he had received together with his crabby comments on his fellows and followers. Crowley was aided in editing the journal by John Frederick Charles Fuller (1878-1966), later Major-General. Contributions by Leila Waddell, Victor B. Neuburg, Lord Dunsany, Frank Harris, W.B. Yeats, et al. NYPL; LOC; Northwestern University; University of London, Warburg, microfilm; ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol; Gottingen SuUB.

Note: These issues are not photofacsimile originals. They are modern reconstructions of the original issues, based on OCR'd text and manual correction with significant effort made to match layout and type face. See copyright and legal notices in the issues. Other, similar versions are available from Hermetic.Com, The Equinox, and elsewhere.

IAPSOP has no information on the construction of these documents, or their accuracy/completeness, beyond what is provided in the documents themselves.

Equinox V1 N1 1909 Mar
Equinox V1 N2 1909 Sep
Equinox V1 N3 1910 Mar
Equinox V1 N4 1910 Sep
Equinox V1 N5 1911 Mar
Equinox V1 N6 1911 Sep
Equinox V1 N7 1912 Mar
Equinox V1 N8 1912 Sep
Equinox V1 N9 1913 Mar
Equinox V1 N10 1913 Sep
Equinox V3 N1 1919 Mar

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