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Periodical: Eon

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Spiritualiste / Initiatique.
Other titles: Revue Initiatique
1920--1925 Semimonthly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly (irregular)
Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Demetrius Platon Semelas, R. Weill, J. Dupont. Mme Z. Goltdammer-Dupont.
Succeeds: Force de la Verite
1/1, December 1920-1925. 8-96 pp., 16-20 fr.

There seems to have been a hiatus between August 1922 and May 1923. The vast number of pages in later issues reflects the journal's practice of reprinting without comment books and lengthy extracts from authors presumably associated with its work. The subtitle of the journal changed to Revue Initiatique in February 1921. The journal was begun with a focus on spiritualism but moved consistently towards occultism, Tarot, astrology, chiromancy, psychic studies, Martinism, talismans, spiritual hierarchies, magnetism, Egyptian Mysteries, etc. The journal was intended as the organ of the Amis de Marie Routchine of the Ordre du lys et de l'aigle. On Routchine, Semelas, and the Order, see the note under Force de la Verite. BNF.

Eon V1 N1 Dec 1 1920
Eon V1 N2 Dec 15 1920
Eon V1 N3 Jan 1 1921
Eon V1 N4 Jan 15 1921
Eon V1 N5 Feb 1 1921
Eon V1 N6 Feb 15 1921
Eon V1 N7-8 Mar 1 1921
Eon V2 N9 Mar 15 1922
Eon V2 N10 Apr 15 1922
Eon V2 N11 May 15 1922
Eon V2 N12 Jun-jul-1922
Eon V2 N13 Aug 1922
Eon V3 N14 Jan-feb 1923
Eon V3 N 1 May 1923
Eon V3 N 2 Jun 1923
Eon V3 N 3-4 Jul-aug 1923
Eon V3 N 5-6 Sep-oct 1923
Eon V3 N 7-8 Nov-dec 1923
Eon V4 N9-11 Jan-mar 1924
Eon V4 N12-14 Apr-jun 1924
Eon V4 N15-16 Jul-aug 1924
Eon V4 N17-18 Sep-oct 1924
Eon V5 N19-20 Jan-feb 1925

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