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Periodical: Eleanor Kirk's Idea

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Eleanor Kirk's Idea.
A Monthly Publication / From the Ideal to the Actual.
Truth is not Tradition; Principle, not Prejudice
1896--1905? Monthly
Brooklyn/New York, NY.
Editor: Eleanor Kirk (Eleanor Maria Easterbrook Ames).
1/1, January 1896-1905(?) $1.00 a year, 32 pp.

Advertised in The Temple, December 1897, which says that the journal is "published for the sake of making people healthy and happy. . . . It strikes a clear and triumphant note for individuality and steadfastly peaches the doctrine of looking at home for guidance, realizing the truth of the Christ statement, 'The kingdom of heaven is within you.'" Also advertised in The Life and elsewhere. "Eleanor Kirk" (Eleanor Maria Easterbrook Child/Hubbell/Ames, 1832-1908) was a professional writer, supporting herself and her numerous children by her efforts in pitching margarine and the ways for aspiring authors to break into print--she ran an "authors' bureau"--and in collaborating in the likes of H.W. Beecher as a Humorist. She was an ardent feminist and an astrologer and member of the Advisory Council of the World's Congress Auxiliary of the Psychical Science Congress announced to be held in conjunction with the World Congress of Religions. Her Up Broadway, and its Sequel. A Life Story (New York, 1870) advocated "free love" (in some non-licentious form) as the antidote to "prostitution in so-called married life." This journal was largely written by Kirk to advocate and explain her up-beat philosophy of positive thinking. Kirk also was a believer in the New Thought dream of physical immortality, expounded in Perpetual Youth (1895) and The Prevention and Cure of Old Age (1899)--which taught the power of recognizing the divine, creative Ego in combination with proper diet and fasting--and was the author of The Woman's Way to Health and Beauty (1891), and The Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human Life (1894), which carried an introduction by the enigmatic fraud and sexual mage John Commodore Street. Interestingly, she also published in 1901 The Christ of the Red Planet, the tale of a vision of Mars and its inhabitants, which antedated Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Princess of Mars by five years. LOC; UNC Chapel Hill.

Issues:Eleanor Kirks Idea V17 N1 Jan 1905
Eleanor Kirks Idea V17 N2 Feb 1905
Eleanor Kirks Idea V17 N3 Mar 1905
Eleanor Kirks Idea V17 N4 Apr 1905

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