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Periodical: El Kardeciano

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Kardeciano, El.
Revista Espirita Ferrolana: Afecta a la F.E.E..
1934--=1936? Monthly
El Ferrol, Spain. Language: Spanish. Editor: Rodrigo Sanz; Administracion Elias Lopez. Corporate author: Federacion Espirita Espanola
1/1, September 1934-2/20, April 1936(?) 8 pp.

First issue free and subsequent issues for 20 céntimos each. This was a Kardecist journal but in its initial issue it stressed that it did not profess a "faith closed to whatever doctrinal amplification or rectification" required by new evidence since the Master’s passing. It was the organ of the local Grupo "Amor y Caridad,"which consisted of 52 active members, and gave accounts of the group’s doings and short relations of Spanish activities and congresses. There is a long and thoughtful review in the last two issues of the journal on "El Espiritismo en Inglaterra" and its ongoing struggles with science and religion. There were regular reports of the seances of the group’s medium Ernesto Pérez Méndez under the heading of "Desde el Mas Alla." Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Espanola.

Issues:El Kardeciano N1 Sep 1934
El Kardeciano N2 Oct 1934
El Kardeciano N3 Nov 1934
El Kardeciano N4 Dec 1934
El Kardeciano N5 Jan 1935
El Kardeciano N6 Feb 1935
El Kardeciano N8 Apr 1935
El Kardeciano N9 May 1935
El Kardeciano N10 Jun 1935
El Kardeciano N11 Jul 1935
El Kardeciano N12 Aug 1935
El Kardeciano N13 Sep 1935
El Kardeciano N14 Oct 1935
El Kardeciano N15 Nov 1935 Partial
El Kardeciano N16 Dec 1935
El Kardeciano N17 Jan 1936
El Kardeciano N18 Feb 1936
El Kardeciano N19 Mar 1936
El Kardeciano N20 Apr 1936
Anexo Folletin

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