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Periodical: El Buen Sentido

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Buen Sentido, El.
Revista de Ciencias, Cristianismo, Democracia / Organo del Libre-pensamiento cristiano.
Ciencias, Religion, Moral Christiana / Organo del Librepensamiento cristiano, dedicada a "Ciencias, Cristianismo, Democracia / Periodico de Ciencias, Cristianismo y Democracia
Other titles: La Voz del Buen Sentido
1875 -- 1893 Monthly, then semimonthly (1887-1889), then monthly
Lerida/Lleida, Spain. Language: Spanish. Publisher: Jose Amigo y Pellicer. Succeeded by: La Voz del Buen Sentido (7 issues, during the forced suspension of the journal, June-December 1880)
1/1, May 15, 1875-1893. 8-44 (usually 16) pp.

This was founded to oppose an ultra-Catholic, anti-spiritualist journal, El Sentido Comun (q.v.), founded in Lerida by Father Niceto Alonso Perjuo in 1875. As might be expected from El Buen Sentido's subtitles, the journal was profoundly anti-Catholic and secular, while at the same time professing Christianity. It was promptly attacked by the government and the clergy, and early on ceased publication for two months before returning to the fray. This was the first of several forced suspensions. It was a bitter period for spiritualism in Spain--Amigo y Pellicer's wife's body, for example, was ordered removed from a Catholic cemetery because her husband, the editor, was a "free-thought spiritualist." Amigo y Pellicer then spent a few months in jail for the same offense. The journal didn't hesitate to return the attacks, accusing the bishop of Minorca of living with a woman whom he claimed (falsely) to be his sister. The journal published work by Amalia Domingo Soler, Antonio Torres y Solanot, Manual Sanz Benito, et al., and was generally given over in its "Seccion Doctrinal" to lengthy discourses like the "Introducon a la Historia Universal" which ran in its first issues; more current items were reserved for its "Variedades." In 1893, plagued by the non-payment of subscribers, Amigo y Pellicer terminated the journal. The journal carried few advertisements, but is unique in that respect in that it actually took space (June 1900), on learning of the fraudulent nature of one of its advertisers' promises (a Mr. Richard Schneider who promised a get-quick scheme to make 600 to 1000 pesetas a month) by warning its readers in large type to beware. On the journal generally, see Oscar M. Garcia Rodriguez, "El Buen Sentido, Revista Espiritista de Lleida," online at, and "Hemerografia Espiritista Espaola, 1857-1936," BNE.

Issues:Buen Sentido V1-2 1875-1876
Buen Sentido V3 1877
Buen Sentido V4 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N1 Jan 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N2 Feb 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N3 Mar 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N4 Apr 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N5 May 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N6 Jun 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N7 Jul 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N9 Sep 1878
Buen Sentido V4 N10 Oct 1878

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