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Periodical: Ein Blick in die Zukunft

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Blick in die Zukunft, Ein.
Den Freunden der wissenschaftlichen Astrologie / Jahrbuch fur [1918] / Charakter und Schicksal.
Unabwendbare Geschehnisse in nachster Zeir
Other titles: Elsbeth-Ebertin-Jahrbuch
1918--1938 Annual
Freiburg, then Görlitz, then Freiburg again, then Hamburg, then Erfurt, Germany.
Language: German.
Editor: Elsbeth Ebertin.
Publisher: Fr. Paul Lorenz ; Regulus-Verlag; Zodiakus-Verlag;Dreizack-Verlag; Ebertin-Verlag.
Succeeded by: Spiegelbilder unserer Zeit (1926, 4 issues)-->Ebertin-Kalender (1928); Kosmobiologisches Jahrbuch-->Ebertin Kosmobiologisches Jahrbuch 1/1, 1918-1938.
From 1936-1938 this was called Elsbeth-Ebertin-Jahrbuch.

Ebertin (1880-1944) was a prolific author and, with her son, Reinhold, the principal voice of astrology in Germany between the wars. Each issue contained prognoses for each zodiacal sign, showing the "inevitable events" that the science of the stars foretold. She began as a graphologist and turned to astrology in 1911. She gained great notoriety with this journal when she described in no. 7 of this journal, well in advance, the Munich Putsch of November 8, 1923. The journal was closed by the Nazis in 1938, and she was killed in an air raid during the war. University of London, Warburg; ZDB: Freiburg UB; Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol; Coburg LB; Schwerin LBMV; Halle/S UuLB; Leipzig DNB; Dresden SLUB, ZB; Salzburg Univ.

Issues:Ein Blick In Die Zukunft V1 1918
Ein Blick In Die Zukunft V8 1924

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