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Periodical: Echo de l'Invisible

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Echo de l'invisible, L'.
Revue spiritualiste bi-mensuelle/mensuelle. Organe de la puissance et de la science de l'ame / Etudes de la Pensee, Development de la Volunte.
J.H.S. / Verite, Science, Charite, Amour
1914--1928? Bimonthly, monthly
Bordeaux, France. Language: French. Publisher: Cercle Psychologique / Cercle et Institut Psychologique "Jehanne d'Arc". Editor: Marie Ortarix, D.S./S.D.S. ("Marie, Rose de France," Marie Ortarix de Alonso, Jeanne Marie Ortarix); L.R. Bernard.
1/1, January 1914-1928. 4-6 pp., 3 fr. 50.

Marie Ortarix was a herbalist, magnetic and psychic healer and astrologer in Bordeaux and the medium of the Cercle Psychologique. She mediated the likes of the Grand Patriarch Melchisedech, commander of les Dragons de Villard, and maintained a Salle Jeanne d'Arc that sold antiques, especially those relating to her. The journal was primarily devoted to Ortarix's revelations and prophecies and centered around the Holy Invisible: "The Invisible is a world and not nothing. We communicate with this world and live with it as with the entire universe. (The proofs of this are irrefutable.) Thought is the mechanism, the scientific key, that opens the doors. God is because we are," etc. The journal also contained Ortarix's comments on material from her contemporaries and articles on the spiritual cultivation of man's innate abilities, taught in her Institute. In 1927 it began to carry Inter-Astral-Echo devoted specifically to astronomy, astrology, Celestial Science and Divine Science. BNF.

Issues:Echo De L Invisible V3 N4 Apr 1916
Echo De L Invisible V3 N5 May 1916
Echo De L Invisible V3 N6 Jun 1916
Echo De L Invisible 1923
Echo De L Invisible V6 N7-9 Jul-Sep 1926
Echo De L Invisible V14 N4-5 Apr-May 1926
Echo De L Invisible V14 N6-7 Jun-Jul 1926
Echo De L Invisible V14 N8-9 Aug-Sep 1926
Echo De L Invisible V14 N10-12 Oct-Dec 1926
Echo De L Invisible V15 N1-2 Jan-Feb 1927
Echo De L Invisible V15 N3-4 Mar-Apr 1927
Echo De L Invisible V15 N5-6 May-Jun 1927
Echo De L Invisible V15 N7-9 Jul-Sep 1927
Echo De L Invisible V15 N11-12 Nov-Dec 1927
Echo De L Invisible V16 N1-3 Jan-Mar 1928
Echo De L Invisible V16 N4-6 Apr-Jun 1928

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