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Periodical: Echo d'Alem-Tumulo

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Echo d'Alem-Tumulo, O.
Monitor d'o Spiritismo 'n-o Brazil.
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Bimonthly, then monthly. Language: Portuguese. Editor: Luís Olímpio Teles de Menezes.
1/1, July 1869-1893(?) 56 pp., 9,000 reis a year in Bahia, 11,000 elsewhere in Brazil, and 12,000 abroad.

This was the first of an enormous wave of spiritist journals in Brazil, continuing today. It was followed by the Revista Espirita founded in Corte in 1875. As might be expected, the journal was strongly Kardecist in its beliefs and ignored almost completely the spiritualism that had been the progenitor of the movement, although it found space for discussion of "ecstasy and the mediumistic faculty" historically (the Convulsionaires of St.-Medard and the Cevennes, etc.). It also devoted considerable space to demonstrating that spiritism was not the work of demons, that it led to moral improvement, and similar topics. Noted and described in "Bibliographie," Revue Spirite 12/11 (November 1869). Teles de Menezes's pioneering work was honored on the 100th anniversary of the journal by a Brazilian stamp with his picture. Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro.

Issues:Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N1 Jul 1869
Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N2 Sep 1869
Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N3 Nov 1869
Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N4 Jan 1870
Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N5 Mar 1870
Echo Dalem-tumulo V1 N6 May 1870

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