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Periodical: Dr. Foote's Health Monthly

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Dr. Foote’s Health Monthly.
1876—1896 Monthly
New York, NY. Publisher: Murray Hill Publishing. Editor: Edward Bliss Foote (father) and Edward Bond Foote (son).
1/1, 1876-1896.

This was a strange mixture of testimonials for the Footes' medical practice, nostrums and electro-magnetic devices, advocacy of proto-eugenics, birth control and the "right to be born well," reform politics, feminism and opposition to "Comstockery," and the then current views on sexual abstinence and continence as promoting health. The publisher, Foote's alter ego, published a vast array of similar productions and works by the likes of Lois Waisbrooker. NY Academy of Medicine; Amherst College; Harvard University; etc.

Issues:Dr. Foote's Health Monthly B12 N11 Nov 1887

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