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Periodical: Doutrina

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Doutrina, A.
Orgao da Federacao Espirita do Parana.
1900 Mensual
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
Language: Portuguese.
Editor: Domingos Duarte Velloso, Augusto Correia Pinto.
1/1, March 1900.
20 pp., 3$000 a year. Illustrated.

This was a Kardecist journal as the title Doutrina ("Doctrine") shows, but is unusual for such both in the number of its pages and for its readiness to publish material more typical of English-language spiritualism: reproductions of spirit photographs (by William Keeler and Theodore Hansmann of Washington, D.C.!), advertisements for dubious products (like the Modern American Electrical Ring patented by Dr. Flonfler of New York, which promised to cure all forms of neurasthenia), Philippine albums of spirit photographs, and articles on Slade's marvels in Rio de Janeiro in 1887, the power of suggestion, hypnotism,"ocultismo ou theozofia" which were sweeping North America, Argentina and even Southern Brazil, and on Prentice Mulford. Noted in Revue Spirite, January 1, 1904, and in Reformador, 1900. The journal even bought the rights to translate and publish L. Jacolliot. For Brazilian spiritualist journals generally and a partial list of journals, see the note under Eco de Alem-Tumulo.

Issues:Doutrina V7 N1 Jan 1906
Doutrina V7 N3 Mar 1906
Doutrina V7 N4 Apr 1906
Doutrina V7 N5 May 1906
Doutrina V7 N6 Jun 1906

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