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Periodical: Daily Studies in Divine Science

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Daily Studies in Divine Science.
1916--1935? Monthly
Denver, CO. Publisher: Colorado College of Divine Science / Divine Science Federation. Editor: Nona L. Brooks.
Succeeds: Fulfillment (1902-1906)-->Divine Science Quarterly (1906-1912)-->Power Magazine (1912?-1915)-->Aspire to Better Living (1916) Succeeded by: Divine Science Weekly (1919-1925)-->First Divine Science Church Weekly Bulletin (1928-1937)-->Divine Science Monthly (1935-1950)-->Aspire (1951-?)-->Divine Science News (1943?)-->Divine Science Messenger (1976-1983?)
1/1, 1915 (entered as second-class mail March 13, 1916)-1930 or 1935 (Charles S. Braden, Spirits in Rebellion, says that this journal was incorporated into Divine Science Monthly in 1930, although that journal seems not to have started until 1935). $1.00-$1.50 a year.

The advertisement for this in Dr. W John Murray's Magazine, 1918, calls this "A monthly magazine devoted to the daily needs of the Spiritual Life. Contains helpful suggestions for thought, with fitting Bible Selections and readings from 'Truth and Health.'" On Brooks and the Colorado College of Divine Science see the note under Divine Science Weekly. June 1917 in INTA; Denver Public Library.

Issues:Daily Studies in Divine Science Mar 1930

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