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Periodical: Cosmon

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Your Research Foundation Dedicated to Developing Man Spiritually and Physically for the New Age and Supported by You.
Other titles: Cosmon Newsletter (?)
1961?--1964? Quarterly
Palos Verdes Estates, CA.
Editor: Gloria Lee, director.
1/1, 1961 (?).
32 pp. (mimeographed), "given on a donation basis."

Gloria Lee Holland Byrd (1926-1962) was a notable UFO contactees in the 1950s, in her case through messages from "J.W.," a "Being from Jupiter," through automatic writing and then directly through telepathy. The journal was the organ of her Cosmon Research Foundation that she started in 1959. J.W.'s teachings , given in regular "Space Communication" ("Greetings to the Children of Earth!") and "Messages from a Master," reveal his familiarity with the occultism of the period generally and with Theosoph, New Age and Oahspe more particularly. The journal also included messsages from someone named "Altuna," channeled by Hope Troxell of the School of Thought in Altadena, and saucer news, schedules of "Meditation Classes," "Health and Diet Research," and miscellanea on insects taking over the world after a nuclear war, cooking eggs in ice water at high pressure, the mysteries of the Torah consonantal text read as English, etc. This seems to have been the same as the Cosmon Newsletter, 1961-1964, advertised by booksellers. Lee died during a 66-day hunger strike undertaken at the advice of her Masters to persuade the government to finance UFO research. Later, through the medium Pauline Sharpe in Florida, she communicated with her followers to advise them that all was well and that she was "learning how this thing works."

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