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Periodical: Comforter

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Comforter, The.
A Magazine of Truth, devoted to the healing Christian message of Life, light and freedom / A Magazine that Inspires, Comforts, Heals.
1914--1946? Semi-annual, monthly, quarterly
Portland, OR, then San Francisco, CA.
Editor: Florence Gloria Crawford.
Publisher: Comforter League of Light.
1/1, December 1914.
$1.50-$2.00 a year.

The first issue of the journal, as noted in Master Mind, January 1915, contained the first of "Twelve Lessons in Truth" and "'Riches' for the Rich." A later advertisement in the same journal notes the journal's "artistic and original" design." Crawford started the Comforter League of Light, a largely Christian New Thought organization with the usual goals of affective comfort and success. "Its purpose is to bring all out of Darkness into Light." She derived her teachings from her personal experience:

"To you who read this message, I would say, 'I have seen Jesus, the Christ.' Her stood in my kitchen as I ate my breakfast, and talked merrily to me in a playful, loving way at a time when he knew how soul-seary I was, after meeting with a super-human effort that which had appeared to be less than human in its attack. I had been healed from far-distant and exalted states, when I was not equal to the consciousness needed at the time, and had no one to whom I could turn and be understood."

The group claimed as a member Baird T. Spalding, who published what became Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East (1924) in the journal in 1922. In a self-promotional letter from 1923, Crawford mentions a second journal published by the League of Light: Everybody's Partner, which has not survived. Noted in Upton Sinclair's Profits of Religion, 1925, in the exchanges of The Master Mind, 1918, and in William C. Hartmann's Who's Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925). NYPL; D.T. Suzuki archives, Japan (10/4, 1946).

Issues:Comforter V11 N1 Jan-mar 1925 Partial

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