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Periodical: Clothed With The Sun

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Clothed with the Sun.
A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Freedom of Women.
1900-1904 Monthly
San Francisco, CA, and then Home, WA. Editor: Lois Waisbrooker.
Succeeds: Our Age -> Common Sense (Kansas City) -> Foundation Principles
1/1, January 1900-1904. 4 pp., 50 cents a year. The journal was published by Waisbrooker from San Francisco and then from the Home Colony, an anarchist and "free-love" community near Puget Sound in Washington of which she was for a while president. It survived only a little while after Waisbrooker's arrest for publishing "obscenity" -- that is, her her ideas on a woman's right to control sexual relationships and on the right of a child to be "born well." Recent work on Waisbrooker has tended to emphasize this feminist side of her work, and her anarchistic politics, but this journal and her earlier publications clearly show the occult and spiritualist underpinnings of all her ideas: "I am intensely in earnest. I feel so deeply the wrong done to my sex, and see so clearly that any abuse of the sex functions, no matter how law-protected, is a most bitter curse, that I cannot be silenced. If imprisoned, I will go out in my astral body and control others to talk -- multiply my power." On this same line, the journal also listed for sale among Waisbrooker's works the unfindable pamphlet "Life Issues, or Sex Experiences in the Astral, 10 cts." On Waisbrooker, see the notes under Our Age and Foundation Principles. University of Michigan; Harvard University; Huntington Library.

Issues:Clothed With The Sun V3 N3 Apr 1902
Clothed With The Sun V3 N10 Aug 1902

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