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Periodical: Cahiers Asreologiques


From Pat Deveney's database:

Cahiers Astrologiques.
Revue d'Astrologie Traditionnelle.
1938--1983 Bimonthly
Nice, and then in 1975 Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Editions des Cahiers Astrologiques, Nice. Editor: Alexandre Volguine; Centre International d'Astrologie.
Succeeds: Revue Francaise d'astrologie (1927) Corporate author: Centre International d'Astrologie
1/1, January-February 1938-1983. 48 pp., 35 francs - 700 francs a year. Suspended with no. 15, May-June 1940-1946, and recommenced with new numbering, reaching no. 222 in 1983.

Volguine (1903-1976) was a Russian Jew who became the pre-eminent French astrologer of the twentieth century. This is properly an astrological journal but includes discussions of more occult subjects and contributions by the likes of J.H. Probst-Biraben. In the first issue, the journal explained its program of presenting in every issue an unpublished article by Volguine, several writings of the best contemporary astrologers on topics like "The Cabala of Astrology," "Some Cycles of the Moon," and the like, and rexts by "ancient masters." The journal was rumored to have intended to publish several otherwise unknown manuscript works of P.B. Randolph on astrology after World War II. The press also published books and pamphlets by Probst-Biraben, Marc Haven, J.M. Ragon, and others. Volguine had earlier edited Revue Francaise d'Astrologie. ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol.

Issues:Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N1 Jan-feb 1928
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N1 Jan-feb 1938
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N1 Mar-apr 1938
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N3 May-jun 1938
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N4 Jul-aug 1938
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N5 Sep-oct 1938
Cahiers Astrologiques V1 N6 Nov-dec 1938 Covers
Cahiers Astrologiques V10 N8 Mar-apr 1947
Cahiers Astrologiques V10 N9 May-jun 1947
Cahiers Astrologiques V10 N12 Nov-dec 1947
Cahiers Astrologiques V11 N13 Jan-feb 1948
Cahiers Astrologiques V11 N14 Mar-apr 1948
Cahiers Astrologiques V11 N16 Jul-aug 1948
Cahiers Astrologiques V11 N17 Sep-oct 1948
Cahiers Astrologiques V11 N18 Nov-dec 1948
Cahiers Astrologiques V12 N20 Mar-apr 1949
Cahiers Astrologiques V12 N22 Jul-aug 1949
Cahiers Astrologiques V13 N25 Jan-feb 1950
Cahiers Astrologiques V13 N26 Mar-apr 1950
Cahiers Astrologiques V13 N27 May-jun 1950
Cahiers Astrologiques V19 N5 Sep-oct 1946
Cahiers Astrologiques V20 N67 Mar-apr 1957

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