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Periodical: Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Francaise

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Francaise, Le.
Organe des Spirites de France et des Colonies.
1921--1935 Monthly, then quarterly
Paris, France. Language: French.
Publisher: Comite du Union Spirite Francaise.
Editor: Leon Chevreuil and Jean Meyer.
Succeeded by: Survie (Paris, 1936-1968, absorbed La Vie, February 1936)-->Survie de l'Ame-->Renaitre 2000
Corporate author: l'Union Spirite Francaise 1/1, January 1921-15/147, December 1935. 16 pp., 10 francs within France for non-members of the Union, 14 abroad.

The Union Spirite was begun in December 1882 at the suggestion of P.G. Leymarie, and had as its journal the Revue scientifique et morale du spiritisme under the editorship of Gabriel Delanne. The Bulletin was begun by the Union Spirite in 1921, not as a competitor of the Revue scientifique et morale and of the Revue Spirite and the other French journals of the time, but as an attempt at a non-partisan clearing house of information on Kardec's spiritism around France and internationally. The Union Spirite sought to associate in its work the various other spiritist and psychical research groups, mainly French, and reported monthly on the meetings of the Union in an effort to unify the scattered spiritist groups by demonstrating a rational way of organizing, to bring to members' attention noteworthy relevant publications and works around the world, and to teach methods of developing mediumship that the Union had proved and found worthwhile. The initial governing committee of the Union included Delanne, Jean Meyer, Leon Denis, and notable French spiritists. From 1929, the Bulletin had a Supplement au Bulletin de l'USF, beginning in April/May 1929. BNF

Issues:Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Francaise 1921
Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Francaise Jan-Aug 1922

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