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Periodical: Broad Views

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Broad Views.
A Monthly Periodical Dealing with All Subjects of General Interest, Without Regard to Conventional Habits of Thought.
1904--1907 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner and Co.. Editor: A.P. Sinnett.
1/1, January 1904-8/44, August 1907. 90 pp.

Sinnett was the principal recipient of letters from the Mahatmas and a prominent member of the Theosophical Society before squabbling with Mme. Blavatsky over personal and doctrinal differences. The journal, however, deals very little with Theosophy (other than as a generic term for oriental wisdom), and presents rather an elevated and learned overview of various occult topics independent of partisanship: "Socialism from the Occult Point of View," "Psychic Development: The Inner Vision," "Dante's Occult Conception of the Soul," "Fashionable Spiritualism," "Did Tennyson Believe in Re-Incarnation," "Notes on Sun Worship," etc. The contributors to the journal were largely anonymous or pseudonymous, though Mabel Collins contributed, as did Franz Hartmann and Patience Sinnett, and Sinnett's novel "United" was serialized. The journal's table of contents is given by The journal never paid its way. By late 1906, Sinnett was complaining to his readers that about the failure of the journal to realize his expectations and his reluctance to continue working for free. "Do those of its readers interested in occult research and the spread of such occult knowledge as we have already required, regard the continuation of Broad Views as sufficiently desirable to justify some effort on its behalf? It cannot continue to live as hitherto on capital provided by a few generous friends." It didn't. BL.

Issues:Broad Views V3 N13-15 Jan-mar 1905
Broad Views V3 N16-18 Apr-jun 1905
Broad Views V4 N19-21 Jul-sep 1905
Broad Views V4 N22-24 Oct-dec 1905
Broad Views V5 N25-27 Jan-mar 1906
Broad Views V5 N28-30 Apr-jun 1906
Broad Views V6 N31-33 Jul-sep 1906
Broad Views V6 N34-36 Oct-dec 1906
Broad Views V7 N37-39 Jan-mar 1907

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