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Periodical: Bright Horizons

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Bright Horizons.
A Magazine of Instruction and Inspiration from Sources Behind or Above the Mortal.
Nothing but Soulcraft
1953—1955 Monthly
Noblesville, IN. Publisher: Soulcraft Chapels. Editor: William Dudley Pelley. Succeeded by: Valor
1/1, August 1953-1955. 48 pp., $5.00.

As all of Pelley's publications, the journal was well illustrated and beautifully laid out. In it, he returned to the original spiritualist and occult interests he had set out in the the New Liberator, without the political and racist diatribes of his work from 1932-1942. Each issue proclaimed "Nothing but Soulcraft," indicating either that he had had a change of heart or that he was barred from politics by the conditions of his parole from federal prison — almost certainly the latter. The journal announced that it "calls public attention to new mystical concepts based on Psychical Discoveries of Higher Life Phenomena beginning to gleam with increasing splendor in the prospects of man's spiritual vision as the Aquarian Age comes in. It acclaims the recovery of the original Christian Message, with the Ecclesiastic Influence expurgated and discarded." The repertoire of Pelley's teachings (Aquarian Age, original, non-ecclesiastical Christianity, karma and planned reincarnation (we are originally "Star Guests" here on earth), psychic communication with higher planes of being, etc.) were supplemented in the journal with an increased interest in the prophecies of Nostradamus, numerology, end times ("Souls by the million are coming into earth-life in these fraught days, purposely to be present and salute Truth as mankind makes more and more startling discoveries about the nature of Consciousness and Materials, and origins of both"), and a new fascination with UFOs: "Will the Saucer-Men Aid in Armageddon as We Conceive It? What if the Space-Men are Advance Guards of Cohorts of Righteousness Come to Help Us from Higher Planes?" Pelley had advanced the idea of extraterrestrials interbreeding with humans since the early 1930s, but the coming of the UFOs (and his hiring of George Hunt Williamson to help edit Valor) gave him further impetus to further exploring their role in man's pilgrimage. The journal functioned as a promotional vehicle for Pelley's continuing prodigious literary output. Michigan State University.

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Issues:Horizon V1 N1 Aug 1953
Bright Horizons V1 N2 Sep 1953
Bright Horizons V1 N3 Oct 1953
Bright Horizons V1 N4 Nov 1953
Bright Horizons V1 N5 Dec 1953
Bright Horizons V1 N6 Jan 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N1 Feb 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N2 Mar 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N3 Apr 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N4 May 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N5 Jun 1954
Bright Horizons V2 N6 Jul 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N1 Aug 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N2 Sep 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N3 Oct 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N4 Nov 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N5 Dec 1954
Bright Horizons V3 N6 Jan 1955
Bright Horizons V4 N1 Feb 1955
Bright Horizons V4 N2 Mar 1955
Bright Horizons V4 N3 Apr 1955
Bright Horizons V4 N4 May 1955
Bright Horizons V4 N5 Jun 1955

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