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Periodical: Boazeo

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Boazeo, El.
Impresso Francmason.
1894--1898? Semimonthly, irregular
Mexico, DF. Language: Spanish. Editor: Jose M. Medina.
1/1, December 1894. 2-4 pp., 1 centavo.

Medina had broken with the established Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Mexico (dominated by President Porfirio Díaz and recognized by the Northern Jurisdiction in the United States) and established his own Rito Mexicano Reformado in July 1893, of which this was the organ. The rite rather surprisingly did not pattern or establish itself on the Memphis-Misraim Antient and Primitive Rite, but seems to have been Medina's own creation. It was progressive in its viewpoint, but extremely Christian, albeit anti-Catholic. The rite also, uniquely for the time and place, allowed women to join. The journal was a nice mixture of local Mexican politics (religious reform) and antiquarian explorations (Masonic numbers and cyphers, "gimnosofistas," etc.) and gave considerable space to its own Constitution and other foundation documents, sections of which were occasionally bound in with the journal with their own pagination. The name of the journal was said to be the adjectival form of the name Boaz, referring to Jesus as the descendent of Boaz, David and Solomon.

The journal's possible importance springs from the fact that Aleister Crowley claimed Masonic initiation and elevation to the 33 degree in Mexico, supposedly in 1900, by someone named Jesus de Medina (or Medina-Sidonia), who is almost certainly the editor of the journal: most articles are signed as by "Jesus Medina." "Don Jesus Medina, a descendant of the great duke of Armada fame, and one of the highest chiefs of Scottish Rite free-masonry. My cabbalistic knowledge being already profound by current standards, he thought me worthy of the highest initiation in his power to confer; special powers were obtained in view of my limited sojourn, and I was pushed rapidly through and admitted to the thirty-third and last degree before I left the country."

Issues:Boazeo V1 N1 Dec 1894
Boazeo V1 N2 Dec 14 1894
Boazeo V1 N3 Apr 9 1895
Boazeo V1 N4 Jun 19 1895
Boazeo V1 N5 Jul 6 1895
Boazeo V1 N6 Aug 11 1895
Boazeo V1 N7 Oct 12 1895
Boazeo V1 N8 Nov 3 1895
Boazeo V1 N9 Dec 9 1895
Boazeo V2 N1 Jan 19 1896
Boazeo V2 N2 Feb 9 1896
Boazeo V2 N3 Mar 7 1896
Boazeo V2 N4 Mar 20 1896
Boazeo V2 N5 Apr 2 1896
Boazeo V2 N6 Apr 21 1896
Boazeo V2 N7 May 15 1896
Boazeo V2 N8 Jun 4 1896
Boazeo V2 N9 Jul 10 1896
Boazeo V2 N10 Jul 31 1896
Boazeo V2 N11 Aug 7 1896
Boazeo V2 N12 Aug 28 1896
Boazeo V2 N13 Sep 13 1896
Boazeo V2 N14 Oct 16 1896
Boazeo V2 N15 Oct 28 1896
Boazeo V2 N16 Nov 14 1896
Boazeo V2 N17 Dec 21 1896
Boazeo V3 N1 Jan 18 1897
Boazeo V3 N20 Dec 18 1897
Boazeo V3 N2 Jan 31 1897
Boazeo V3 N3 Feb 18 1897
Boazeo V3 N4 Mar 3 1897
Boazeo V3 N5 Mar 20 1897
Boazeo V3 N6 Apr 9 1897
Boazeo V3 N7 Apr 27 1897
Boazeo V3 N8 May 8 1897
Boazeo V3 N9 May 31 1897
Boazeo V3 N10 Jun 23 1897
Boazeo V3 N11 Jul 7 1897
Boazeo V3 N12 Jul 18 1897
Boazeo V3 N13 Aug 8 1897
Boazeo V3 N14 Sep 4 1897
Boazeo V3 N15 Sep 25 1897
Boazeo V3 N16 Oct 13 1897
Boazeo V3 N17 Oct 28 1897
Boazeo V3 N18 Nov 18 1897
Boazeo V3 N19 Dec 4 1897
Boazeo V4 N1 Jan 7 1898
Boazeo V4 N2 Jan 17 1898
Boazeo V4 N3 Jan 25 1898
Boazeo V4 N4 Jan 31 1898
Boazeo V4 N5 Feb 14 1898
Boazeo V4 N6 Mar 1 1898
Boazeo V4 N7 Mar 14 1898
Boazeo V4 N8 Mar 19 1898
Boazeo V4 N9 Mar29 1898
Boazeo V4 N10 Apr 21 1898
Boazeo V4 N11 Apr 29 1898
Boazeo V4 N12 May 11 1898
Boazeo V4 N13 May 24 1898
Boazeo V4 N14 Jun 7 1898
Boazeo V4 N15 Jun 21 1898
Boazeo V4 N16 Jul 13 1898
Boazeo V4 N17 Jul 25 1898
Boazeo V4 N18 Aug 10 1898
Boazeo V4 N19 Aug 27 1898
Boazeo V4 N20 Sep 13 1898
Boazeo V4 N21 Oct 4 1898
Boazeo V4 N22 Oct 24 1898
Boazeo V4 N23 Nov 24 1898
Boazeo V4 N24 Dec 13 1898

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