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Periodical: Blatter aus Prevorst

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Blatter aus Prevorst.
Originalen und Lebenfruchte für Freunde des innern Lebens.
1831-1839 Semiannual?
Karlsruhe, then Stuttgart, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: Gottlieb Braun; Ebner und Seubert. Editor: Herausgeber der Seherin von Prevorst (JustinusKerner); later with A.C.A. von Eschenmayer. Succeeded by: Magikon
1/1, 1831-12, 1839. 12 volumes, 175-250 + pp. each.

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (1786-1862) was a Romantic poet and Mesmerist whose work fundamentally shaped the development of spiritualism in Germany. The journal focused originally on the visions and spirit-visitations of the "Seeress of Prevorst," Frederika Wanner Hauffe (1801-1829), who displayed the full panoply of phenomena of the Fox Sisters (raps included) 20 years before Hydesville. Kerner's descriptions of Hauffe's trances had a marked influence on the American form of spiritualism since they were translated by Mrs. Catherine Crowe and published in London and New York in 1845 as The Seeress of Prevorst. Kerner, however, was not a spiritualist in the sense the term was used after the Fox Sisters because he early on concluded that the raps reported by American spiritualists were caused, not by spirits, but by the Nervengeist, the electromagnetic fluid that flowed from the mediums' fingers. Long excerpts from the journal were published as Blatter aus Prevorst: eine Auswahl von Berichten uber Magnetismus, Hellsehen, Geistererscheinungengen usw. aus dem Kreise Justinus Kerners und seiner Freunde (Berlin: Fischer, 1926), edited by Hermann Hesse. Contributions by Adolph Carl August Eschenmaye, Guido Gorres, Franz von Baader, et al., and Kerner occasionally graced its pages with his poems. Crabtree 348. Hesssischer Verbundkatalog; Österreichische Nationalbibliothek; University of Wisconsin; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin; BL.

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